At Edge, our Ambassador position is always open for candidates to apply. This ensures that we’re always able to provide our new clients with an Ambassador. A lot of our existing clients have onboarded multiple Ambassadors as well! But that doesn’t mean we prefer quantity over quality. In fact, we receive an average of 250 resumes a week. However, our hiring rate is only 1.5%. We diligently go through each and every application and after a thorough review is when we invite them for an interview. 

The things we look for in a candidate when reviewing their resumes are their education level, what experience they have, as well as what skills they can bring to Edge. 

100% of our Ambassadors are college graduates. 

Once a candidate is invited for an interview, we go through a careful 3-step process to determine whether they’re a good fit. 

Meet Our Power Duo Who Bring In Our Edge Ambassadors

Ali Zia – Operations Director

Ali completed his Masters Degree from Coventry University in London, UK. With years of experience in customer service along with his great leadership skills, Ali has helped take Edge to the next level. With his great ability to see potential in people, Ali is able to make the right choices when it comes to hiring our Ambassadors.

Maryam Awais – HR Director

Maryam graduated with a Bachelors in Economics and International Relations from Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. Since then, she went on to gain tons of experience in HR industry making her way to become our HR Director and carefully hiring our amazing and talented Edge Ambassadors.

What Our Hiring Process Looks Like

1. Phone Interview

We have a brief phone interview with the candidate so that we can get to know them better. 

If the candidate passes the first interview, they’re invited for a second interview.

2. Face-to-face Interview

The candidate is invited to our office for an in-person interview where we have a more detailed interview regarding their past experiences and what they can bring to Edge. 

After a candidate passes the second interview, they’re invited to the final interview

3. Final Interview

In the final interview, the candidate meets with our team leaders for a second and final face-to-face interview.

After considering all three interviews of the candidate, we determine whether they’re eligible to be onboarded. Once we come to a decision we then send them an offer letter and begin the on-boarding process. We also make sure that we perform background checks on all of our employees before they’re onboarded.

The reason why we have an extremely careful hiring process is so that we can ensure we provide you with excellent service.

How does our hiring process help you receive excellent service? We’ve listed a few reasons below:

Ensure Quality Employees

Our hiring process ensures that Edge employees are the best of the best. Being amongst the top 1.5% of applicants who are hired, Edge Ambassadors are carefully selected after much consideration. We look at their communication skills, their personalities, their experience, and their educational background so that your Ambassador provides you with great service. Along with great service, we also like to make sure that an Edge Ambassador is going to easily integrate into your current team. Making your experience as seamless as possible. 

Employee Retention

Along with their experience, communication skills, and educational background, we also come to careful decisions once we determine the retainability of our Edge Ambassadors. We believe in long-term relationships between not only us and our clients but also with our Ambassadors. Just like with any of your current employees, all agencies seek retention and at Edge, we provide that to you.

Consistent Company Culture

Another important factor we take into account is company culture. At Edge, we strive to constantly have a positive working environment. That means hiring candidates who would easily get along with our team and yours. When we hire, we like to make sure that our employees have the same values as us, making the entire Edge family have like-minded goals. Being positive, professional, and a team player is what makes Edge what it is. We strive to continue that with every new employee that’s onboarded. 

Providing You With The Best

All in all, our Ambassador hiring process has one main goal, providing you with the best. We aim to provide you with exceptional service and for that, we ensure that we hire exceptional talent. At Edge, when you win, we win – which is what keeps our clients wanting to onboard more and more Ambassadors. Taking your agency to new heights is exactly what an Edge and our Ambassadors are all about.