High stress and cut-throat work environments are often linked with efficient results, especially in the corporate world. But should it be that way? According to a study done by the University of Warwick, research suggests that having a more positive work culture tremendously boosts productivity as well as overall team positivity.

With more companies shifting towards an open style of working – we can see that the research has solidified itself and the stereotypical corporate culture is going extinct. Let’s take Silicon Valley tech giants as an example, companies like Google and Facebook, who have a very open, positive, and flexible work atmosphere, are often seen as the blueprint for the new wave office setting. And there’s a great reason for that – it all comes down to company culture.

Having a positive company culture is greatly important and can directly impact the success of your company. Most people work 8 hours a day for 261 days – this means that a huge chunk of their lives is spent at the office. Psychology states that not only does a positive work environment boost productivity, motivation, and efficiency over time, but it also increases benefits for both employers and employees.

We’ve listed down a few ways in which Edge instills a positive company culture and why it’s so important:


At Edge, we make sure that no effort goes unnoticed. To do this we have an appreciation channel as a means to celebrate someone’s work. We use an app called Karma – with it team members and management are easily able to give someone Karma points to appreciate them. Karma points are redeemable in cash or gift cards to ensure that our appreciated team member can celebrate their hard work. Recognizing and appreciating the great work your team does should be second nature. If someone does an incredible job, make sure they are appreciated for their efforts. Promoting those who deserve it, creating a rewards system, or even just pulling an individual aside to thank them are all great ways to appreciate your employees.

Work-Life Balance

At Edge, we instill a work-life balance by encouraging our team to take paid time off when needed. Stepping away from work and taking the time to unwind allows our team to avoid burnout and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This not only helps them come back to work refreshed, but it also helps boost productivity. Ensuring that your team is well-rested and has time to cater to their out of work-life is an extremely important factor to have a positive work environment.

Team-Building Events

Along with a healthy work-life balance, team building is vital to ensure a positive social connection. This creates an environment where colleagues can be seen as friends which allow for better collaboration, empathy, encouragement, and support amongst the team. At Edge, we like to bring our team together for bi-monthly family fun nights where not only do we partake in fun activities together, but family and friends are welcome to join as well! Meaningful moments are important to have a sense of emotional fulfillment at work.

Double Paid Vacation

Paid time off is an employee right across the globe, but at Edge, we like to take it a step further. Not only does our team get two weeks of paid vacation time off, but they also receive an extra amount of cash to enjoy their vacation. The reason we do this is because we treat our team as the best of the best. When they give us their all, it only makes sense that we give them the same in return. As a gesture, it’s always good for employers to provide their team with extra perks. Not only does it tie into appreciating them, but it also increases your team’s loyalty to you. It affects their happiness at work, which always reflects the quality of their work.