At Edge, client satisfaction is extremely important to us. Not only do we continue to provide them with our exemplary service, but we also go up a notch and ensure that we continue to maintain our strong bonds with them 

To date, Edge has lost 0 clients. 

Our Ambassadors are more than just remote employees, they build great relationships with their clients. This emphasis on relationship building helps our clients have an open and comfortable experience with us which is exactly what we strive for!

Besides having amazing relationships with each and every one of our clients, our services have greatly enhanced their businesses.

40% of our clients have more than 1 Ambassador. 

There’s a great reason for that, our Ambassadors take insurance agencies to the next level. 

Why Our Clients Love Us

Unmatched Services

Our services are changing the insurance agency game. Where yesterday agencies heavily relied on VAs, today they’re onboarding Edge Ambassadors. 

All of our clients say they could never go back to having a VA.

Why? Our Edge Ambassadors’ talent is unmatched. Our Ambassadors are fully trained, remote, talented, professionals, who are hired to help you streamline your agency processes. At, a fraction of the cost, you’re able to onboard a full-time employee. We only hire people who have a great background. 

100% of our Ambassadors are college graduates!

As an added advantage, our clients have the freedom to interview our Ambassadors to ensure you onboard a perfect fit!

Whether back-end or front-end, Edge Ambassadors know it all!

We Go Above & Beyond

Besides the services we already provide, we always go one step further. A lot of our clients want more than the usual agency processes. A lot of our clients want help with some of their other departments as well! Our Edge Ambassadors are able to provide that for them. 

High Retention Rates

At Edge, we take care of our own. Our team is always well taken care of. We provide them with the best of the best when it comes to benefits. Some of our benefits include life insurance, health insurance, maternity leave, team events, holiday bonuses, and paid vacation. In fact, we also provide them with extra holiday funds for when they take a well-deserved vacation. Our culture always strives to be a positive one and our team are friends first before co-workers. This helps us have an extremely high retention rate which in turn means that your Edge Ambassador is in it for the long run!

Open Communication

We keep an open line of communication with our clients. They can come to us at any time in case they need anything, have a query, or just want to talk! Our management is easily accessible and always ready to help. Our Ambassadors are also great at keeping an open line of communication at all times. This helps keep a transparent environment where our clients can feel comfortable knowing that Edge is always there for them.