We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), one of the top Ivy League Universities in South-East Asia.

The recruitment partnership means that we’re able to hire top-notch talent directly from the Ivy League giant and provide our clients with the best of the best. 

Always seeking ways to enhance our talent pool, we decided to begin the partnership starting from the very top University in the country. LUMS graduates are known to be from a completely different league in terms of their skills, communication, and talent. Continuing to provide insurance agencies with top-notch service, we are extremely delighted to expand our talent search. 

All About LUMS

Lahore University of Management Sciences or LUMS, was founded in 1984 with support from Harvard Business School as well as a $10 Million Fund from USAID. Today, the University has approximately 7000 students. Spread over 100 acres, the University campus is one of the largest in the country along with its incredible student residency grounds. 

LUMS is one of Pakistan’s most expensive, selective, and progressive universities. With several prominent Pakistani intellectuals and public figures being a part of LUMS alumni, the university is known to create extremely successful individuals. 

Majors include the LUMS School of Business, School of Arts & Sciences, School of Science & Engineering, and the School of Law. 

Edge x LUMS Future

Our recruiting partnership with LUMS means that we have direct access to the country’s top talent. We have not only opened our talent search to recent graduates, but also to LUMS alumni. As a part of our mission to also help students, we also hope to open up internship opportunities to students who would benefit from the experience we can provide to them. 

We’re extremely excited about our future with LUMS as well as providing insurance agencies with some of the greatest talent to help take their insurance game to the next level.