At Edge, we provide you with a fully trained, talented, remote professional at a fraction of the cost. We emphasize on training all of our Edge Ambassadors to ensure that they’re ready for you. Despite 100% of our Edge Ambassadors being college graduates, we provide them with our enhanced training program to deepen their knowledge on the insurance industry and to help them build their skill-set. 

Our Edge Academy training program consists of a 30 day, in-depth and comprehensive training process, with the use of state-of-the-art technology. Training new employees can be expensive and we understand that. That’s why we train all our Ambassadors at our own expense. 

What We Focus On:

Personal Lines Training

Our personal lines training covers a range of core policies which include:

  • Homeowners
  • Personal Auto
  • Dwelling Fire
  • Personal Umbrella
  • Personal Articles Floater
  • Earthquake
  • Flood

Commercial Lines Training

Our comprehensive commercial lines training gives our Ambassadors excessive knowledge of:

  • Workers Compensation
  • General Liability
  • Commercial Auto
  • Property
  • Inland Marine
  • Excess/Umbrella

Telephone Skills Training

Our extensive telephone training courses cover professional telephone techniques and call handling etiquette, with an emphasis on customer service. We know how much your customers mean to you and ensure that our Ambassadors are completely trained to take on your customer service front. Most of our Ambassadors eventually become client-facing as a result of our hands-on telephone etiquette training. 

Soft Skills Training

Our soft skills training program helps our Ambassadors build their interpersonal skills and how they interact with other people in the workplace. Building on communication skills helps our Ambassadors with their confidence and provides you with exceptional employee experience. 

Carrier Specific Training

We understand the importance of an employee being well-versed on multiple carriers. Our carrier-specific training helps our Ambassadors gain hands-on experience with different carriers so that they can provide you and your customers with seamless service. 

Systems, Technology, & Management Training

We spend a lot of time in systems, technology, and management training to additionally help our Ambassadors become specialized in up-to-date systems and tech used at agencies. With management training, we provide them with knowledge of common management techniques, enhancing their leadership skills. 

Workplace Ethics & Diversity Training

Ethics and diversity is extremely important to us at Edge. We believe it’s essential to train each of our Ambassadors on ethics and diversity in the workplace. This helps them become rooted in the best industry practices when it comes to working with different teams and people from all walks of life. Workplace ethics is a vital aspect of this training program which ensures that you’re provided with the greatest standard of professionalism.