We’ve come a long way at Edge. From our small, intimate team consisting of less than 10 people at the beginning of the year, we’re now a team of 50! Growing every day, we’re watching Edge evolve into something bigger than we had imagined every single day. What that also means is that our sales has gone into overdrive. Edge sales has exponentially grown by 700% – in just six months! 

The first step was hiring the right salesperson. Our search was rigorous because we knew we had to get this one right. Our core team was extremely passionate and hard-working and we needed someone who could merge with our company culture as well as be a brand ambassador to bring in our client family. That’s when we met Nicole Connors. Her amazing energy, qualifications, and passion matched us perfectly. A go-getter at heart we knew Nicole was who we were looking for all along. And that decision proved to be true. As we were growing, Nicole’s one-woman army shaped the way we predicted sales in general. No matter how many numbers we predicted, or how we thought our sales growth would turn out, we learned that with the right talent – anything is possible. So much so that a lot of our new clients are hiring multiple Ambassadors! We saw result after result and Nicole goes above and beyond to continue maintaining a close relationship with all our clients ever since the very first phone call. 

With such strides in our sales, our team is growing at a rapid pace to ensure that we continue to provide exemplary service the moment an agency decides to partner with Edge. We continue to push our boundaries and are constantly looking forward to what tomorrow brings us.