Technology today is inescapable. It is a part of every aspect of our life. From the way we work to the way we live our lives, it has created a revolution that will continue to grow and advance at a rapid pace. When the coronavirus took the world by storm in early 2020, we saw just how important technology was. Companies who were technologically equipped were able to ride out the lockdowns and provide their employees with a seamless experience when work from home became the norm. Companies who weren’t equipped with the right technology burned out extremely quickly because they couldn’t continue their operations remotely due to a lack of digital technology.

The way in which technology came to be what it is today, at it’s ever-growing pace, it will continue to flourish with us as the days, months, and years go by. In fact, it just keeps getting better and better. What was the latest and greatest yesterday, is washed-out and old-school today. Technology doesn’t wait for anybody, and the bottom line is that if your organization isn’t keeping up with it, you will surely be left behind by one of your competitors. 

Moreover, your customers use technology every single day. They might Google your business, they might go over your website, they might even check if you’re available on social media. Ensuring that you’re digitally available to them can make or break your business in this new age. 

The insurance industry might be old-school, but it’s customers are not. Making technology the heart of your business will help you make money and produce the results that your customers demand.

Why Technology Matters

The Tech Babies: Customers of Tomorrow

Baby boomers and millennials may be the last generation who experienced a life before the emergence of technology as we know it today. Being at the brink of the technological revolution they saw technology flourish into what it is today. But there is now a large population of people who were born into this tech-fueled world. Gen Z and Generation Alpha – those who succeed Millennials. The world that they know has always been surrounded by technology. Why are they important? If you think long-term and want your business to succeed – these are your future customers. If your business is unable to keep up with the technology we have today, it won’t survive the customers it may potentially have in the near future. Times have surely changed, and to operate successfully, keeping up with the times is a make or break today, and in the tomorrow to come. 

Customer Disconnect

If your agency hasn’t invested in the proper technology required by today’s standards, there’s a large chance that it may have missed the opportunities to connect and interact with customers. Technology has helped people and businesses connect and communicate with one another on a range of levels. Whether it’s an email, text, instant message, video call, or social media, the avenues to connect with customers are in abundance. If your agency hasn’t been technologically available to customers, your potential customers will choose a competitor who’s able to provide that for them. 

Technology Helps You Hire

Technology also helps you hire more efficiently. Today, people seek job opportunities online. But just posting a job online isn’t enough. Candidates like to research their potential employers before even putting in an application. Having a well set-up website, social media, and online presence helps you attract more talent to your agency which results in your agency hiring technologically well-versed candidates. 

Reduce Costs

When you invest in effective technology, you’re able to significantly reduce the cost of doing business. Not only do you increase your overall productivity, you save on processing fees and other significant overhead costs that are diminished with the help of technology.


Advanced office systems, customer management, and secure cloud servers are now the norm in order to help businesses stay secure and organized. Moreover, it helps you protect client confidential information which is highly expected in this day and age. Technological innovation has been key in significantly reducing the need for paper files which are less secure and are more prone to becoming misplaced, lost, damaged, or stolen. 

How Edge Keeps Up With Technology

At Edge, we understand the importance of technology. Because we offer remote services, being technologically advanced is a priority to us. The ways in which we do that is by providing our employees with the latest technologies for them to use. We’re able to connect with them seamlessly no matter where in the world they are which also means the same for you. Moreover, our company is consistently available online via social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where we’re highly active and ensure that we engage with our visitors. Technology has helped us hire some amazing people just through our social media alone, and our brand presence continues to grow with the help of technology.

Keeping in touch with our clients is extremely important to us and technology allows us to do that. Whether it’s a call, an email, or instant message, we ensure that we’re there for you no matter what. 

We always look forward to adopting new technology to help us continue to grow and evolve and moreover, provide excellent service to our clients. Growing with the times today means growing with technology and at Edge, we look forward to it.