Renewals are one of the most important aspects of client retention for insurance agencies. Good customer services means notifying your clients in a timely manner when renewals are coming up. Contacting clients on a regular basis to determine whether their needs have changed is also a great way to revisit certain coverages that may have been previously rejected. 

The key to staying on top of your customer service game is to be quick and efficient. At Edge, we’ve mastered that. One of our clients was lagging behind on renewals prior to hiring an Edge Ambassador. The task took up too much time which resulted in the pending up of other important tasks. 

This fallback on renewals meant that the agency was unable to contact customers in time because of a lack in resources and good staff. They weren’t able to prioritize all of their clients and would unfortunately miss a few beats – reflecting poor customer service.

After onboarding an Edge Ambassador, the agency was able to cut down on their renewal times by 75% – a significant drop which not only helped them become more efficient and helped retain clients, but the agency also decided to hire 2 more Ambassadors for their team to increase their resources!

Here’s how an Edge Ambassador helped an insurance agency cut down on Renewals by 75%

Renewal Reminders

The first thing the Ambassador did was set up self-reminders on all the renewals that needed to be done. The Ambassador set up all the reminders a week prior to policies expiring which gave them ample time to reach out to customers and remind them to renew their policies. This helped them stay ahead of the process and provide quick service.

Early Calls

To make the renewal process easier for the client, the Ambassador places calls to let them know that paperwork will be coming and that the process has already begun for the renewal. This ensures that clients are at ease and they surely appreciate the communication. Moreover, it helps save time at the agency by calling ahead of schedule!


Written processes are vital to the success of businesses. Insurance agencies often get stuck in how they do things and don’t analyze or revisit the reasons for their actions. Edge Ambassadors are trained to provide solutions. The Ambassador quickly identified, simplified, and documented the renewal process which helped identify areas for growth and improvement. The Ambassador created a checklist to streamline the renewal process which made it a positive experience for both the agency and their clients. 

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After seeing the impact an Edge Ambassador has on making processes simpler and more efficient, the agency went ahead and onboarded 2 more Ambassadors! With a total of 3 Edge Ambassadors working at the agency, we’re sure that our client is in great hands. Your success is our success and our Ambassadors prove that every day.

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