Most insurance agencies let insurance policies renew without any changes and don’t talk to customers about any new options. Remarketing business is all about finding out if there’ve been any changes in carrier prices and providing better options to your customers as well as finding an opportunity to cross-sell and generate revenue for your agency. As an insurance agency, clients are always the priority and discussing all their options should be at the top of the list. This however, becomes difficult if you don’t have the resources to put in the work to remarket business. 

One of our clients at Edge faced the same issue. Their policies were renewed with no changes or discussions with customers because they simply didn’t have the resources required to take on the busy-work it takes to do so. Because the Edge Ambassador was trained on how to remarket business, they were able to touch every policy to make sure they got renewed.

How did an Edge Ambassador help an insurance agency remarket business successfully? Here’s how:

Ran Policies on Carriers to Compare Options

Once the agency hired an Edge Ambassador they were quickly able to remarket their business efficiently. About 2 months before a policy expires, the Ambassador would run a list from the management system and carrier websites. Whether it’s a non-renewal, a premium change, or underwriter request, the Ambassador was on top of it. The Ambassador would then collect information on the best rates amongst carriers – ensuring that the agency was able to provide their customers with a range of options best suited to their needs. This helped them renew more policies efficiently.

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The Agency Could Focus on Other Tasks

Since the Ambassador was taking care of renewals and proposals ahead of time, the agency was able to focus on other important tasks. They were able to be much more productive and saved a lot of time because their Ambassador focused on back-end work.

The Agency Was Able To Focus on Building Relationships

Because the Ambassador was able to be proactive on the renewals of policies and proposal options, the agency was able to focus on their relationships with clients. They were able to put their customers first by providing them with the options best suited for their needs which helped retain business by providing premiums at optimal rates thanks to their Ambassador.

A Remarketing Success!

With an Edge Ambassador, the agency got the resources they needed to remarket their business successfully. Because their Ambassador was fully trained to get hands-on immediately, the agency was able to provide excellent service, premiums, and build long-lasting relationships with their clients successfully and seamlessly. 

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