Missed calls happen. If you’re like many business owners, you don’t think that missed business calls are a big deal. As an insurance agency, constantly attending calls can become difficult especially if you have a small team and don’t have the resources to change that. Phone calls are the number one way customers are able to get in touch with you and missing those calls can cost you vital business. Missing them costs businesses $75 billion each year. 

One of our clients was caught in the same crunch. As a small team, they were unable to tend to every call coming into the agency which led to them missing 1 in 4 calls on a daily basis. While trying to spread the responsibility across the team was a possible solution, it simply wasn’t feasible. Firstly, answering calls is a highly time consuming task – this led to a ton of other tasks being put on the back burner. Secondly, the task required a high amount of care and attention because it reflects customer service. Trying to rush through the calls was a definite way to come off as unprofessional and may have given their customer service a bad rep. Finally, one of the most important factors was that their small team was overburdened with responsibilities which was leading to a quick burnout. 

After partnering with Edge, we were quickly able to provide them with the solution they needed. They onboarded their Ambassador who was highly trained in customer service. Because the Ambassador went through our Edge Academy training, they were able to go through our phone-call training program which made them a great fit for the job and start increasing the agency’s call volumes immediately. 

Here’s how the agency benefited from high call volumes:

Better Customer Service

With an Edge Ambassador on board, the agency was able to enhance their customer service by having the Ambassador answer incoming calls. If a claim came in, the Ambassador collected any information required, and if needed, transferred the call to a relevant agent or producer. The Ambassador would also follow up with customers on claims which helped take off the workload from producers. The Ambassador took between 50-70 calls a day, never letting a call reach the answering machine. With the increased call volumes, the agency quickly saw a positive turnaround in their customer service and moreover, was able to tend to their customers every time the phone rang. 

More Business & Growth

With the increased volume of phone calls, the agency was also able to help grow their business. Because the Ambassador was answering all incoming calls, they were able to help customers get the answers they needed. When further assistance was required, the Ambassador transferred the call to a producer. This helped the agency turn customers into clients – something they were unable to efficiently do without their Ambassador.

Able to Focus on Other Tasks & Balance Responsibilities 

With the Ambassador taking calls, the agency was able to balance out their tasks and responsibilities in a better way. They were able to focus on other tasks more than ever. This helped them become more productive and kept the agency processes streamlined. 

Ensuring that all customer calls and queries are answered in a timely manner makes your business more reliable. Banking on calling customers back is poor service and in today’s fast-paced world, people don’t like to wait. With tons of options for customers to choose from, by the time you call them back it’s already too late. With an Edge Ambassador, your service can be enhanced by allowing you to focus on what you need to, without compromising time and quality. 

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