Customers get tons of proposals sent to them. Most of them however, typically scan the first paragraph, look at the price, and skip the rest. The simple fact is that numbers are not memorable. They don’t tell a story and neither do they help your agency stand out amongst competitors. 

Crafting a story around a simple proposal may seem unnecessary, time-consuming, and unproductive – especially if your agency lacks the resources needed to put in the extra effort. We’re here to tell you that all three of those things couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Putting in the extra effort always brings big wins – trust us, it’s tried and tested! When customers are able to see that your agency puts in more than the standard, you’re viewed in a more reliable light. It shows that your agency goes the extra mile which is something every customer seeks when weighing options. You don’t want your proposal to be just another document a customer has to go through,  you want it to be something that they’re able to remember. 

Don’t have people to put in the time? We understand that. As an agency, there’s always an extra workload on your team’s shoulders and taking out the time to focus on marketing your agency in a better way can seem like a distant task. That’s how Edge is there for you. We understand that the needs of every agency are different which is why we provide custom, tailor-made solutions for you. 

Our Ambassadors are much more than back-end focused. While they can take care of back-end for you effortlessly, they’re able to offer you range with their exceptional talent. We match you with an Ambassador after hearing what you need to help boost your agency to where it deserves to be. 

We’ve listed down why story-telling is so important as an insurance agency and how an Edge Ambassador can do that for you. 

Connect With Customers

The goal of any business should be to connect with their customers. When you aren’t doing that, you set your business up to become lost in translation. Telling a story helps your customers understand you better. A simple yet effective way of doing so is to have an about us section in your proposal. When a customer knows your agency journey, they’re able to better connect with you and determine whether you’re a right fit for them. If you require an Ambassador who’s able to write up stellar content, Edge ensures that for you.

Numbers Aren’t Memorable

Numbers might be a great way to communicate your value, but nothing beats good old language. The fact is, people get proposals sent to them all the time. They go through their process of elimination to determine what numbers best suit their pocket. 

The real question is, why would you want your agency to be just another number? 

Words are what connects people and there’s no better way to be remembered than communicating what makes your agency different. 

Stories Engage People

People like stories, that’s how it has always been. When you put in the extra effort to engage your customers, they notice. It puts your agency in a more relatable light – moreover, it puts your agency at the forefront of showing customers that your agency is willing to put in the work for them. Who wouldn’t want that from an agency?

It’s Not Your Proposal, It’s Your Customer’s

A good rule of thumb to follow when sending out proposals to your customers is that it should be created from the customer’s perspective. What would you like to see when you receive a proposal? The same old? Or something different? At Edge we’re all about different! Each agency is unique and putting that out there is important to help you raise the bar. Just like agencies, our Ambassadors are unique too. Whether it’s pumping up your back-end, supercharging your front-end, or taking your marketing to the next level – Edge has someone for you. 

Get in touch with a Sales Rep today to discuss a customized solution to take your agency to the next level!