Since 2020, Edge has grown a tremendous amount. Starting from a small-scratch with just under 5 people on our team early last year, we’ve grown by 1500%. Today, Team Edge consists of more people than we envisioned. 

On the flip-side, our sales have grown by 850% since 2020! Changing the insurance agency game for the better was our motto for last year. This year, we plan to accelerate that. We couldn’t be more excited about where Edge is going and we have big plans for 2021. Of course with growth comes a workload of responsibilities – but that doesn’t phase us.

Our rapid growth also called for rapid adaptation to bigger teams, more clients, and smoother processes.

How did we manage to do that? We’ve listed how below:

Additional Team Roles

To help streamline processes at Edge, we added more management roles. We introduced Team Lead roles to help Ambassadors become more organized and productive for you. Along with Team Leaders, we’ve instilled a buddy program at Edge to help ensure that Ambassadors are fully equipped with any hands-on training required specific to your needs. For instance, the Edge Buddy program can help Ambassadors come up to speed with different agency management systems. It’s all about training Ambassadors in a unique way to fit your agency. The buddy system has been a great way  to utilize internal resources with team members who are ready to pass on their insurance knowledge to fresh Ambassadors. 

Along with Team Leadership roles and the buddy program, we’ve expanded on roles to help clients keep an open line of communication with Edge. Our Client Success Specialist role helps clients by checking in with them on a weekly basis to discuss progress, strategy, and determine upcoming goals. The Client Success Specialist also takes on a consultative approach to review your journey at intervals – ensuring that all needs are met when it comes to client satisfaction. 

Internally, our Client Success Specialist holds regular meetings with Ambassadors to help ensure their success and that the Ambassador to Client relationship remains on a great level. 

This year, we’re planning on creating a Client Success Team to provide maximum support to both our clients and Ambassadors. 

Hiring & Sales 

With our continued growth, we’re still able to find a diverse range of talent to hire for you. Our Ambassador position is always open for candidates to apply so that we always have an Ambassador ready for our clients. 

A lot of our existing clients have even onboarded multiple Ambassadors to boost their agency processes! 

On average, we receive up to 300 resumes every week – that however, doesn’t mean we prefer quantity over quality. We continue to maintain a hiring rate of 1.5%  to make sure we hire the best of the best. Our careful hiring process is in line with our sales department to help ensure that there’s always an Ambassador for you. 

Our Sales team is also closely connected to our hiring process. They maintain a proactive role by mentoring new Ambassadors on client expectations. Being on the front-line, our sales team knows exactly what clients want – communicating those needs to Ambassadors helps with the training process and ensures that everyone is on the same page. This transparent approach is what sets us apart and instills our value of client first. 


Our partnership with Nationwide has been extremely beneficial to training our Ambassadors. Edge Ambassadors are well-versed on one of the largest insurance services groups. They know the ins and outs of how to endorse policies and quotes when it comes to Nationwide and our clients have been able to grow their business successfully because of it.  

For hiring incredible people, we’re partnered with LUMS – an Ivy League-level university to bring in some of the country’s top talent. Through our partnership we’ve been able to hire people from some of the largest Google-backed companies such as Deloitte and KeepTruckin, as well as household names such as EY. With experience like that who wouldn’t want to hire an Edge Ambassador? 


At Edge, we’re always seeking new ways on how to improve our work culture. Through our horizontal, transparent hierarchy, team Edge is able to work and thrive in an environment where everyone is approachable. This helps to create strong relationships throughout the company and an open space for communication and problem-solving. With our monthly team get-togethers, we’re able to have fun team-building activities. We also provide the team with a range of benefits to ensure we appreciate all the work they do. When we take care of our own, they give back 100% – which reflects when they work with you. Our retainability rate is high for a reason – you can check out our Glassdoor reviews to see what Team Edge thinks about their workplace.  

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