If you’re still doing certificates of insurance (COIs) then you’re losing big money. Most insurance agencies spend a lot of time on COIs simply because they have an account manager doing it on the side. The issue that often arises by doing this is that COI’s need to be done quickly, if one person is doing it while focusing on other tasks, it can take forever – resulting in a loss of business. 

One of our clients was struggling to finish COIs on time which meant they were losing business, falling behind on other important tasks, and caused them to become disorganized. They had account managers take the time out to do COIs and eventually, they started falling behind on the task. Account managers have a ton on their plate and having them focus on the COIs almost always leads to an over-flow of tasks which just doesn’t work in both the short, and the long-run. 

Once they onboarded an Edge Ambassador, they realized having one person specifically focus on COIs sped up the entire process and helped them bring in more business seamlessly. 

How did the agency benefit from increased COIs?

Call Volumes Went Up

Because the Ambassador was focusing on COIs, they were able to answer every call/request that came in. Before onboarding an Ambassador, most of these calls would be missed simply because there weren’t enough resources to attend to every call coming into the agency. This also reflected poorly on their customer service. When your agency is unable to answer calls, customers are quick to find a competitor agency that will. 

Missed calls cost businesses thousands of dollars in business each year, and by having an Ambassador tend to these calls, the agency was able to significantly increase their revenue and also boosted their customer service immensely.

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Gathered Information More Efficiently

When it comes to COI’s, it’s all about gathering relevant details about the certificate holder as well as finding out if anything specific needs to be mentioned on the COI. Since the Ambassador was responsible for COIs, they were able to focus on gathering information more efficiently which led to COIs being made quicker than before. 

The Ambassador Made 50 COIs a Day

Before hiring an Edge Ambassador, the agency was struggling to stay ahead of making certificates. Even when they tried to balance their tasks out, it just wasn’t feasible to overburden their team with a bunch of responsibilities. By onboarding an Edge Ambassador, they were quickly able to make a turn-around and found that by having the extra resource, they were able to manage creating COIs so much quicker. 

Their Ambassador now makes up to 50 COIs on a daily basis. Imagine the amount of business they’re able to bring in now just from one extra resource?

The agency also found that their team was able to be more productive by having everyone focus on what they needed to rather than delegating extra tasks. Account managers who were once juggling between making COIs and building relationships could now focus on and cater to customers in a much more focused matter.