In a day of increased competition between businesses and firms, we at Edge are proud of how our employees are just as enthusiastic to be working with us. This, however, does not come easy. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to make Edge the best place for potential, current, and future employees as well as how we can hold on to those employees who we put our faith in.

We don’t have a rotating door. Our company culture is such that employees make themselves at home with us, and stay with us and our clients in the long run. We make employees feel important and part of a larger family here at Edge and this is how it benefits our clients:

Our Retention Means Your Success

Our Clients Are An Extension of Us

From the moment we hire, we always put our clients first. We consider how they would fit into your agency from personality to skills, we evaluate it all to ensure our Ambassadors are a great match for you. 

Retaining great talent comes with great responsibility and we take that responsibility on ourselves to ensure our clients are never affected. We pride ourselves in providing you with reliable, talented, and productive Ambassadors to help take your agency to the next level every day. 

That wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t take care of our team the way we do. Ensuring retainability is essential for our success and yours and we go to great lengths to do just that. 

For instance, at Edge, we know we’re playing our cards right because of our stellar Glassdoor reviews.

Edge Ambassadors Are In It For The Long Run

Partnering with Edge means you can rely on your Ambassador. Unlike other services such as VAs who tend to have a low retainability rate, we offer our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your agency processes aren’t going to be affected by losing an employee. 

In the rare event that an Ambassador decides to leave the agency, Edge immediately onboards another match for you in no time. 

We’re able to do this because of the high amount of CVs we receive each week. Because our rigorous selection means we only hire 1.5% of applicants, Ambassadors know that once they’ve made it to Edge, they’ve accomplished an incredible feat. The sense of accomplishment coupled with the work-culture at Edge really makes our employees happy working with us, and us with them. 

Long-Term Investment

Onboarding an Ambassador at your agency is truly an investment. You’re not hiring someone who’s in it for the short-run, our Ambassadors have a great deal of work experience from globally recognized companies as well as Google-backed companies which means that work is no playground for them. While most insurance agencies tend to opt for fresh grads and/or minimum experience for supportive staff, what often happens is that you’re left with an unreliable employee who can leave your agency at any time. 

You not only lose out on the cost it takes to onboard someone, but you also lose out on the time it takes to train a new employee. 

With Edge, training, vetting, and retainability is something you don’t have to worry about. We take care of all that for you so that you can focus on enhancing your business.

How We Retain Ambassadors For You

Appreciation and Incentivization

Here at Edge we believe in positive reinforcement and acknowledgement of our 

employees’ efforts. Showing your team that you recognize the hard work they’re putting in will boost their productivity, making them feel excited, engaged, and appreciated. This in turn will boost their productivity and increase retention.
We do this using Karma— an app through which your team can give each other points. You can then redeem your points and earn your hard-earned rewards. According to our experience, this greatly helps the camaraderie across Edge and makes our team go the extra mile. Using the Karma app brings us good Karma.

Work-Life Balance

We employ humans here at Edge. What this means is that we don’t treat them like machines. Everyone has a limit to how much they can work and be productive at the same time. At Edge, in order to prevent our employees from burning out, we encourage them to have a great work-life balance. 

From our part, we never ask team members to stay overtime and offer ample paid time off and sick leaves. We are also very understanding when it comes to abrupt emergencies. All these things go a long way when you’re trying to gain the trust and confidence of your team. If you understand their problems, where they’re coming from, and try to address them honestly, then your employees return that through their performance.

Team Building Events

When we said we consider our employees as part of our family, we weren’t kidding. And to make sure that our team feels like family, we have bi-monthly get-togethers where we invite our everyone’s families to play games, socialize and really get to know each other as a team bonding activity. 

This helps us provide our team with a great outlet to connect with one another and to show them our gratitude for their efforts.  In return, our team exceeds our expectations because they know how important we consider them to be a part of our company.

Double Paid Vacation

What’s better than a paid vacation? Paid vacation and some extra cash to enjoy. That’s what we offer our team. If our team can exceed our expectations, then it’s our job to exceed theirs as well. It’s really a simple formula, a happy team = a productive team!

Most companies don’t feel the need to spend more than they need to on providing a great work atmosphere for their team. We’re here to tell you that taking care of your employees is the key to creating long-lasting retention which has great effects on the success of your business.