We live in an age of information. The online world satisfies our day to day needs. When was the last time you wrote a physical letter to somebody or ordered food without using an application? All modes of interaction, conducting business and ways of communicating that don’t adhere to the digital age are becoming obsolete. To keep up with the changing business landscape, we’ve made a conscious decision to provide remote employees to our clients.

We do this because of the following reasons:

Cost Effective

Employing physical staff can be costly. There are a lot of overhead costs associated with physical hiring such as renting out extra physical space, buying new equipment, amenities, and so on. And don’t even get us started on the hidden costs– those costs that you didn’t anticipate, but that present themselves at the most inopportune moments. The last thing you want to deal with as an employer is the cost per hire increase from what you budgeted. 

Edge doesn’t adhere to conventions that aren’t optimized for the future. While having your entire workforce work from home is not the norm (yet), hybrid models of working are becoming more and more common.

According to buffer.com, as of 2020, 98% of employees would like to work partly from home for the rest of their careers and 97% would recommend remote work to others. The numbers speak for themselves: more and more employees prefer to work from home. Happy employees equal greater productivity! 

We provide you virtual employees at a significantly lower cost that can be onboarded to your business in a matter of days. In general, hiring an Ambassador will cost you 70% less, and will only take 3-4 days to onboard to your agency.

Really, we’re hitting two birds with one stone here. Not only are you hiring an employee that is noticeably cheaper and who can be as productive, if not more, than your physical employee, but you’re also buying valuable experience in conducting business via virtual employees, which, we believe, is the way of the future.

Apart from being a great financial investment, Edge takes the responsibility of pre-training our Ambassadors before they even join your agency through our very own Edge Academy, free of cost. Additionally, if you feel like our Ambassador isn’t clicking in your specific business for whatever reason, and you want to replace them, it won’t cost you a penny. 

You just begin with our new Ambassador with the same monthly package as before!

Imagine all the employee turnover costs you saved by hiring a virtual employee instead. 

Flexible with their Time

Since our Ambassadors work with you virtually, they are available during your specific working hours, irrespective of your time zone. We have cultivated the work-culture here at Edge in such a way that every Ambassador has a specific time in which they sign in to work because different agencies operate in different time zones.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re on the East or West Coast, Pacific or Eastern time, we’ve got you covered.


Our Ambassadors spend their time in our physical offices, which means that they’re surrounded by other competent, experienced Ambassadors who have been breezing through the insurance game for years. This also means that the more experienced Ambassadors can assist our fresh Ambassadors with any queries they may have or if they might want to learn, say, a software specific to your agency. 

Anticipating this problem, we launched our buddy program– a program that trains your Ambassador through Edge’s internal resources on any specific software or system management system that you need. 

Hence, one of the perks of hiring our Ambassador is that you don’t have to worry about training them at your physical location. Our Ambassador, with the help of more experienced Ambassadors at Edge, will do that behind the scenes without disrupting your workflow.

Edge’s Inclination Towards Technology

What was relevant yesterday is no longer relevant today– that’s how fast things in the online world change. And if you don’t adapt to the unforgiving pace of the online world, then there is a high probability you’ll fall behind your competition.

At Edge, we understand why technology matters. 

We are able to stay abreast with the latest trends in business operations because we put our trust in the future that technology promises. From having an impactful social media presence to providing virtual employees to our clients, we are up there with the best of the best. 

It’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest modes of carrying out business because that’s where all the new clientele is. If you’re thinking of long-term growth, then you need to start thinking of Generation Z and Generation Alpha as your target market (post-millenials). If you don’t speak the language they understand (think: technology, virtual employees, social media), then who are you even speaking to? 

Virtual Employees at Edge just make sense. Not only do they prove to be a smart financial decision, they also keep you relevant in the years ahead.