Traditionally, Virtual Assistants (VAs) have been the go-to employee replacement for many insurance agencies. This makes sense to a certain extent because they’re cheaper than physical employees since they are usually exempt from employee benefits. However, striving to cut costs and onboard affordable employees leaves insurance agencies blind to the obvious concerns with VA’s: high turnover, less dedicated employees because being a VA is usually not retainable, with no prior training, and so on. 

Moreover, VAs offer a temporary solution to a permanent problem, which is the need for quality remote employees that specialize in insurance. VAs might help you in the short-run, but you don’t know how long they’ll stick with you or how they will hold up in the long-run when they’re required to do various tasks that require quality communication skills or use different systems. 

Through trial and error, and extensive research, Edge was born as a brainchild of professionals who had decades of experience in the insurance industry. One of the advantages of having a veteran of the field as a founder was that Edge had access to pain points and demands of insurance agencies because of their vast experience in the field that other professionals did not. 

It is through this access to knowledge that they were able to locate a problem in the current insurance agency industry: the need for working, trained professionals who are career-oriented, pre-trained, and are in it for the long haul. 

Here’s How Edge Helped Solve The Problem That Insurance Agencies Were Facing:

Pre-Trained Employees At An Affordable Price

We train our Ambassadors– your employees– in-house and on the house. Businesses often spend too much time training new employees on the basics of working in the office consisting of mostly front-end tasks. We bypass this costly and time-consuming process by training our Ambassadors ourselves in both front-end and back-end duties so that they can hit the ground running when they start working with you. 

The last thing you want as a business that’s competing with other businesses in such a crowded market is to put your faith in a new hire only to later find out that they severely lack in both soft and technical skills. You don’t have to worry about that with us. At Edge, all our Ambassadors go through the Edge Academy– our training program consists of a 30 day, in-depth, comprehensive training process with the use of state-of-the-art technology and best industry guidelines. 

To learn more about how we train our Ambassadors for you, click here!

We provide you remote employees at a significantly lower cost that can be onboarded to your business in a matter of days. In general, hiring an Ambassador will cost you 70% less, and will be onboarded to your agency within a week’s time.

This is also what sets us apart from other VAs. VAs generally are untrained and will take a while to get a grip of things and cost you money until they’re ready to make you money. Our Ambassadors come prepared to seamlessly integrate within your business from the get-go. But what if you require your Ambassador to learn a new software or insurance management system? Don’t worry, Edge has got you covered. As part of Edge’s Buddy Program, your Ambassador will be matched with one of Edge’s experienced employees who will then teach your Ambassador how to use that particular software that you require. Edge does this free of cost because we recognize how time-consuming it can be to get a new hire up to speed.

University Graduates

At Edge, 98% of our Ambassadors hold college degrees and 30% hold a master’s degree – which is why we have partnerships with most top-level universities. We recruit the best of the best from universities so that our clients can get talent that is comparable to other Ivy League institutions. 

Couple a world-class education with a 1.5% hiring rate, you know you’re getting the best of the best.

Real Employees = Real Benefits

VAs aren’t usually treated with the same importance as normal employees are. Since they aren’t present in the office space, they’re usually sidelined in all important decisions and conversations. VAs aren’t even given the same benefits that physical employees are because of their low retention rate. 

At Edge,  our Ambassadors are physical employees. They receive the same benefits as any physical employee would, which include paid leaves, maternity leaves, sick leaves, family nights, and various other bonuses. Moreover, their high retention with us and their clients in the U.S. is proof that our business model is one that favors retention and longevity. 

An Ambassador can help you secure a sustainable future in which you can depend on your employees.