The 21st century has brought changes to the international business model that is used by most companies, small and big, nowadays. No longer do companies have to look in their immediate localities to create opportunities and business. Greater reliance on the internet and the boom in different technologies has allowed business owners to look outwards to more cost-efficient options that provide similar, if not better, quality of hiring for a cheaper price than those found in the business’ locality. 

The older, now obsolete, business model would take into consideration how far a potential hire lived from your business location. However, over the years, due to globalization, that model is extremely outdated. Potential applicants living thousands of miles away from you can perform on the same level, if not better, than applicants living in the same state as you. 

Why limit yourself to a small talent pool when you have the globe at your disposal? 

Multinational companies have known this for years which is why they have offices across multiple different countries. 

We wanted to bring those big company resources to insurance agencies at a fraction of the cost- and with that Edge was born. Since then, our services have been overwhelmingly successful, with insurance agencies onboarding multiple Ambassadors to match their diverse book of business. 

Here’s how we provide diversity without compromising on quality:

Training That Makes All The Difference

Today’s business world is all about quality. Increasingly, businesses are becoming blind towards an employee’s home country or location. What matters to them, and what they prioritise most, is quality of work. This is exactly the approach we take at Edge. Because we have full faith in our proprietary training methods, and because our Ambassadors have consistently shown positive results with all our clients, we decided to train our Ambassadors in-house and on the house. Our tried and tested training methods were crafted over multiple iterations until we found just the right mixture that provided our clients with the most benefit at an affordable price. 

Our training program is called Edge Academy. It consists of a 30-day comprehensive training process with the use of state-of-the-art technology and the best industry guidelines. We train our Ambassadors in P&C insurance as well as life and health. For soft skills, our Ambassadors go through in-depth phone call and business writing training. 

We also have a Buddy-System in place. Our Buddy System matches your Ambassador with one of our experienced Ambassadors, to teach your Ambassador a particular software management system you require them to know.

Both these training programs, and our Ambassadors’ success with our clients, confirms that our training programs have cracked the code.

Talent From The Best Universities

Since Edge believes in quality over quantity, we ensure we have a rigorous hiring process. We have partnerships with top-level universities in each of our Ambassador locations, ensuring that you’re met with top notch talent. Moreover, we look extremely closely at work experience which has resulted in us hiring a fleet of Ambassadors who have prior experience in Google-backed companies such as KeepTruckin, S&P Global, Microsoft, and more. The effects of a quality education paired with stellar work experience reflects greatly on your customers. 

This is why our clients have been able to see immense growth after onboarding an Edge Ambassador. You’re truly getting the best of the best.

Diversity = Multiple Solutions

Each individual is different from the other. Each person brings with them a unique set of skills and experiences to the workplace that can help solve issues. Moreover, a diverse workplace also allows for Ambassadors to propose creative solutions to your problems. Additionally, if that wasn’t enough, the buddy-system taps into more knowledge that other experienced Ambassadors might have, thus giving your Ambassador even more resources to help solve your problems efficiently and successfully. If you have a Spanish book of business, we provide you with a Spanish speaking Ambassador to provide you with a solution to boost your customer service.

Your agency does not need to be locked into the traditional methods of hiring in this day and age. Every day, more and more agencies are choosing to partner with Edge – and they’re choosing us for a reason, the results are almost immediate. Grow your business with us and let us take your agency to the next level.