In the age of quick service, insurance agencies are expected to keep up. Customers no longer have the patience to be put on long holds or wait to receive a quote. The longer you take to get back to a customer, the bigger the chance your customer is taking their business where their time is valued. While time can often be crunched at insurance agencies, customer service in today’s world is expected to be quick and efficient. 

If you’re banking on your producers picking up the pace – we’re here to tell you that won’t last long. Your producers need to focus on building relationships and selling. Dividing that time up to bring a focus on your back-end simply isn’t feasible in the long-run. 

But there’s no need to worry. While quick service is the demand of the day, we’re here to provide you with a solution on how to tackle that – more staff.  While that might not be the answer you were looking for, it’s the answer you need – at least with Edge. 

More staff means that you need to spend more time and money in most cases, but with Edge, you’re able to onboard a new team member at 70% less cost than what you would spend on a new hire locally. 

What could be better than that? We also train Ambassadors in-house and on the house which means you don’t need to spend time or money to train a new employee. 

Edge Ambassadors are remote employees that work for you and can ensure that your client’s time is valued and that their problems are dealt with in a timely manner. Whether it’s answering all your calls, reaching out to customers, or producing quotes and certificates, our Ambassadors are positioned to help you and your staff cater to your clients quickly and efficiently so that they keep coming back for more – ultimately growing your revenue. 

Here’s how Edge Ambassadors ensure you’re providing quick service to your customers:

Answering Calls

With an Edge Ambassador onboard, your agency is able to enhance customer service by having an Ambassador answer all incoming calls. If a claim comes in, your Ambassador is able to collect any information required, and if needed, can transfer the call to a relevant agent or producer. An Ambassador would also follow up with your customers on claims which helps take off the workload from producers. Ambassadors working with our current clients are able to take between 50-70 calls a day, never letting a call reach the answering machine. With the increased call volumes, our clients quickly saw a positive turnaround in their customer service and moreover, were able to tend to their customers every time the phone rang, resulting in quick service. 

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Reduced Quoting Time

The time it takes to send customers a quote can take anywhere from an hour to several hours, or in certain situations, even days. With quick service being expected by customers, your agency needs to keep up. Quick service however, does not need to compromise on accuracy and efficiency.

Edge Ambassadors are able to reduce quoting time to just 15 minutes by focusing on contacting customers, collecting data, and finalizing quotes. 

From days and hours, an Ambassador can effectively reduce the time your customer needs to wait which instantly puts you in the fast-lane towards success. 

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Produce Upto 50 COIs a Day

If you still have your producers working on certificates of insurance, you’re losing a lot of time and money. Most producers take up to 20 minutes to make just one COI – a task that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Understandably, producers have a ton of things to focus on at once which not only adds to their workload but it surely takes valuable time away from your customers. 

Edge Ambassadors can help you turn that around. Edge Ambassadors can make up to 50 COIs on a daily basis while your producers can focus on the tasks they have on hand. With such a stark difference your agency can cater to customers in a much more focused manner. Moreover, with such quick service, you’re able to gain more business. You’re also able to save thousands of dollars on COIs through an Ambassador.

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Process Commissions 3x Faster

Another way you can ramp up your service time is by speeding up your commission processing time. Lagging behind on commissions can become a loop a lot of insurance agencies find themselves stuck in – but with an Edge Ambassador you can break that. Our Ambassadors are trained in back-office tasks which ensures that they’re able to go through processes quickly.

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While these are just a few of the tasks an Edge Ambassador can help you supercharge, they’re also able to help you with whatever task you need them to focus on. It’s all about customization and at Edge we understand that every agency is unique. 

To help you further save on time we take care of all the training prior to an Ambassador being onboarded at your agency. We also have a buddy system in place where an experienced Ambassador is able to train your Ambassador to get them up to speed on any new systems they may be working with. If you require any additional training, we take care of that for you. 

It’s an unwritten rule in today’s marketplace that customers expect quick service. People’s time is more and more valuable and they’re willing to spend less and less of it on specific tasks. If your agency takes too long helping a customer, you run the risk of losing that customer for good. You also have a chance of making a bad name for yourself because of your slow service. 

Our Ambassadors can help you out of this rut. Whether you want them to work in the front-office or the back-office, our Ambassadors can do your agency-specific tasks because of their agency-specific training. They’ll hit the ground running when they join you. You won’t have to 

You don’t need to keep your customers waiting any longer. If they expect quick service, you can provide that to them by partnering with Edge today.