When you hire a new employee, you’re banking a lot of your time, money, and energy into ensuring that they’re a productive resource for you. What you can’t ensure however, is that they won’t leave for the next best opportunity. Now while that may be a glass half empty outlook at things – it’s an outlook you need to have so that you’re prepared for losses incurred. 

According to a report conducted by Jobvite, if you’ve just hired 10 new employees, 3 of them are likely to quit within the next 90 days. That’s a 30% bet to gamble in a ton of time and resources into new hires. The amount of energy it takes to onboard new hires and to get them producing is significantly high. Being blindsided by an employee who decides to quit however, is far too common of an event for agency owners to continue rolling the dice again. 

What if you didn’t need to worry about all of that anymore? What if we told you that you can avoid all the training costs, the onboarding costs, the energy wasted, and just the overall uncertainty in general when hiring a new employee? You can stop worrying about that today. 

At Edge, that’s exactly what we provide you with. An Edge Ambassador is a fully-trained, full-time hire at a fraction of what you would be paying any of your local hires. Moreover, a new hire who you can trust won’t go anywhere. How so? 

Here’s how.

We Build Long-Term Relationships

At Edge we ensure longevity from the moment an Ambassador applies for the job. We ensure that we maintain a hiring rate of 1.5% despite our average resume applications being at 200 a week. Our HR Department carefully assesses each candidate based on the longevity of their prior work experience. Ambassador’s sign a one year contract with Edge which ensures that our clients can be at ease knowing that their Ambassador is in for the long-haul. With that, we also maintain Ambassador retention with a high percentage of contract renewals. Our incredible employee benefits program and positive work culture focus plays a strong role in ensuring that Edge Ambassadors are happy on the job – decreasing turnover rates significantly. 

The formula is simple, a happy employee is one that’s here to stay. While maintaining employee happiness is a large expense, it’s an expense you don’t need to worry about. Edge maintains that for you which significantly reduces not only your expenses but also saves you thousands of dollars in the rare event an employee decides to leave.

Talent as a Subscription

Our Talent as a Subscription model ensures that you’re protected not only financially, but also protected through longevity. 

We only charge a flat monthly fee when you onboard an Ambassador at your agency. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about training or equipment costs which come at a steep price – at Edge we cover that for you. Our subscription model also ensures that in the rare event that your Ambassador leaves, you don’t need to worry about repeating the entire recruitment process. Edge immediately replaces your Ambassador with no additional costs. You don’t face the down-time you would if you hired locally – and more importantly you don’t face the expenses. 

Turnover costs you thousands of dollars. When it comes to hiring an employee locally, we’ve broken down what losing them would cost you. 

For a midrange position – the average salary is between $30,000 to $50,000 a year, you would calculate 20% of their annual salary to find out their replacement cost. In this case, an employee earning $30/hour has an annual salary of approximately $57,000. By simply multiplying their annual salary by 20% you get a replacement cost of $11,400.  

It costs $11,400 to replace one employee without you even realizing it. Adding those costs up, if you’re losing employees regularly, that brings you to an insane amount of money you’re spending on replacing employees. That cost would include recruitment, background checks, pre-employment administrative expenses, onboarding, and training – all expenses Edge covers for you. 

And who’s to say your new employee will stick around? When it comes to employee retention the strategy is always a gamble. As an agency owner what you can do however, is make smarter decisions. 

We’re here to bring those smart decisions to you.

Cost Saving Galore

With the peace of mind that comes with long-term staff – you can also be at ease knowing that you’re able to save on your overhead. Onboarding locally can cost upwards of $400 per employee according to a report by HR onboard – that amount doesn’t even include recruitment or training costs, which as we mentioned we cover for you. With the cost of replacing just one employee locally means a loss of up to $11,000 – you can pay the same amount for five Ambassadors! Who wouldn’t want to sign up for that?

At Edge, we ensure that you’re being met with not only staffing solutions, but also financial ones. We build relationships with not only our clients, but also our Ambassadors – bridging the gap to ensure that you’re met with employees that won’t leave you high and dry.