While the world is moving more towards automation, businesses still rely on humans for customer service– and for good reason. While it’s convenient for businesses to set up automated menus and answering machines to deal with customers’ concerns, the statistics actually show that this is quite ineffective in bringing in customers. 

As a customer, the last thing you want is to take your questions or concerns to a BOT. Customer service nowadays is mostly automated which puts human connection in a pitfall. No one wants to have to deal with a machine. Empathy, understanding, and human ability is probably the most essential part of great customer service and at Edge, we know that all too well. We also know that answering every single phone call can be almost impossible at an insurance agency when you have a ton of tasks lined up for your team. Having a real human understand your customers’ needs is part of what we provide at Edge.

At Edge, you with pre-trained, remote employees that are proficient in front and back-end tasks that are most commonly found in insurance agencies. They can deal with anything from customer service to filling out insurance quotes. Edge Ambassadors do all this at a fraction of the cost of a physical employee (almost 50-70 percent less) which is why more and more insurance agencies opt for us.

Here’s how an Edge Ambassador can enhance your customer service:

Personalized Customer Service

An automated customer service channel often follows a scripted interaction that leaves customers frustrated. Having a human answer customer queries allows for personalized and natural conversations. Agencies seek to build relationships because that’s what the insurance industry is all about. Having someone who knows and speaks to your clients and customers on a personal level is a great way to achieve just that. A bot simply cannot speak to customers the way a real person can. With an Edge Ambassador you can achieve personalization by having them handle your customer service front without having your team divert from their existing tasks.

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Real Time Responses 

Your customers don’t have the time to wait for a reply or for a representative to get back to them after they’ve spent so long talking to a bot. If they’re not going to be dealt with as soon as possible, they’re going to take business elsewhere. Alongside losing customers, there is another problem that you’ll have to deal with if you’re not satisfying your customers– bad marketing. According to Salesforce, “62% of customers say they share bad experiences with others.” 

You need that human touch to reduce the effort that your customers have to put in, while at the same make sure they’re satisfied with your service. Remember, if customers are getting frustrated, you need a human to deal with this situation– a machine just can’t cut it.

Redirection Without Wasting Time

What if your customers come to a point where they want more information, but they’re confused on how to proceed. What if they aren’t tech-savvy? You’re excluding a large portion of your consumer base if you don’t take these demographics seriously. Remember, insurance is a relationship business and you need to cater to different kinds of customers.
A human employee will be able to pinpoint these issues early on, and if needed, redirect your customers to the relevant departments with regards to their queries. A computer might ask a customer to wait till a human representative gets in touch. A human helps redirect your customers without wasting their valuable time. Time is money– literally in this case.

What To Do Next?

If you’ve gotten to this point in the article, it means you’re serious about human-centric customer service. And so are we. When you partner with Edge you’re guaranteed success. Edge Ambassadors are trained to be proficient in front and back-end tasks.

100% of Ambassadors eventually become customer-facing with our clients and there’s a good reason for that. They’re able to elevate your customer service with a humanized touch through swift and insightful responses.

Get in touch with us today and supercharge your customer relationships.