Some of the most important work, much like in any business, takes place behind the scenes. In the insurance industry people only see the sales and the end-product, not the time-consuming work that employees are doing backstage. Unfortunately, employees hired for a certain position are given work that does not have much to do with the position they were hired for, ultimately distracting them from their primary purpose. For instance, in an insurance agency, you might find sales experts working on quotes. All in all, this leads to inefficient workflows because people hired to do a specific task are unable to focus on their job.

This problem was identified by insurance professionals, who in turn came up with their own solution. Born out of experts in the insurance industry, Edge came up with Ambassadors. Ambassadors are pre-trained, remote employees designed specifically to address the most common pain-points that insurance industries deal with on a daily basis. An Ambassador’s specialized training includes front and back-office training. Their relatively affordable price-point (50-70% less than a physical employee) allows them to excel at their jobs while also being the financially responsible decision for an insurance agency to make.

Here’s how Edge Ambassadors can help you with the 5 most common tasks at your insurance agency:

Answering Calls

Answering calls can be tricky. Not only do they require constant human supervision, but they are also usually the first point of contact for a potential customer. That means that if they have a bad experience with your agency on the phone or if they feel their concerns aren’t adequately addressed, you could lose that client forever.

The saying that your first impression is your last impression, is extremely relevant to business. Our Edge Ambassadors are there to make sure that your first impression always makes you’re able to build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

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Ambassadors, through their extensive mock-call training and soft-skills expertise, ensure that your clients feel valued from the very beginning. Having relevant knowledge about the insurance industry and being able to adapt to changing emotions allows for the Ambassadors to provide a human touch to your customer service. Lastly, an Ambassador can ensure that none of your phone calls are left unanswered because each missed call is a missed opportunity.

Remember, once a customer leaves unsatisfied, there’s little to no chance of them returning. Let your Ambassador make sure that never happens.

Insurance Quoting

A common issue in insurance agencies is one employee taking over different roles, oftentimes having to do something that doesn’t utilize their full potential. For instance, producers could be asked to work on quotes and COIs, which moves them away from their primary job–building relationships. This could disrupt workflow and negatively impact your agency. And this is exactly what happened to one of our clients.

One of our client’s had their producers focus on preparing quotes and proposals and not enough on their actual job– selling. And understandably so. With numerous quotes needing to be prepared daily, and the customer’s expectation of swift service, that margin of error and delivery time need to be extremely low.

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That’s where Ambassadors come in. If you notice that your insurance agency is lacking in other vital areas because they are unable to keep up with the constant quotes, then you can use our Ambassadors to take care of the quotation process. Having gone over the process in detail during their training with Edge, Edge Ambassadors are able to cut your quoting time significantly and provide customers with the speedy service they expect of you. 

Here’s a blog that talks about how Ambassadors helped decrease an insurance agency’s quoting time from 24 hours to 15 minutes. 

Preparing Certificates

As insurance agency professionals you already know how important Certificates of Insurance (COIs) are. You also know how troublesome it can be if you incorrectly fill out a COI or if you’re spending too much time per COI. It can cost you upwards of thousands of dollars a year. Everybody knows that for an insurance agency to be successful, they need to be on top of preparing COIs for customers. This includes both speed of delivery and no margin of error. 

Ambassadors are COI wizards. From countless hours in training to a proprietary support system at Edge to help them get up to speed with complex agency processes, our Ambassadors are best equipped to produce COIs. Having your producers doing busy work consumes a lot more time and money than you think. Edge Ambassadors can save you up to $350 per year per client, for a client requiring 50 COIs every year. Keep in mind, that’s just for one client. Ambassadors just make sense because they’re experts in filling out COIs and the financially responsible decision to make as well. 

Here’s a blog post that details how our Ambassadors can save thousands of dollars for our clients by taking over their COIs.

Following Up On Claims

Insurance agencies get hundreds of claims on a daily basis, even on a slow day. This means that all those claims have to be looked into. Then comes the process of having to follow up on those claims as well. If you don’t have a dedicated person looking to just follow up on claims, you are asking too much of your existing employees. Following up on claims is a separate expertise that needs to be given the right amount of attention in order to be carried out correctly.

And who better to do that than an Ambassador that has been specifically trained to follow up on claims. You probably have existing employees struggling with follow-up claims in a timely manner. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. Put your trust in an Ambassador and see how an expert does the job the right way. Take that burden off your producers and let someone who knows how to handle insurance claims inside and out get on with the job. 

Data Entry

It’s safe to say that insurance agencies are flooded with different types of data. Whether it’s filling out ACORD forms or preparing quotations and certificates, employees have to deal with vast amounts of data during their time at the office. Many employees, however, are not trained in data entry. Data entry is a specific responsibility that requires training in order to be truly beneficial to the company. If an employee inputs incorrect information, this could lead to many problems for your agency down the road.

Luckily, Ambassadors have training specific to data entry. Not only do they learn the different forms of data entry specific to the insurance industry, they also learn how to collect and input data during their training program. Invest in an Ambassador so that you don’t have to spend money fixing problems you could have easily avoided in the first place.

We’re sure our Ambassadors have erased any second thoughts you might have had of the best way to tackle the 5 most-common tasks at an insurance agency. Invest now in a profitable future with Edge Ambassadors.