If you have your own business, you’ve probably heard the advice: the customer is always right. This mantra is essential for any business owner to understand because it’s what allows you to make massive sales. Remember, your product or service might be the next big thing, but unless you’re listening to customers, you won’t get anywhere. 

In the case of insurance agencies, you get hundreds of customers daily and you need to understand their problems and find solutions for them. But that’s easier said than done. 

Remember, no two customers are the same. That’s why you need someone experienced who is able to really listen to your customers and understand their needs. Focusing on this area that was lacking in insurance agencies, Edge came up with the idea of Ambassadors– pre-trained, remote employees that have industry-specific knowledge, which includes both front and back-office skills. Ambassadors really know how to listen.

Agency Specific Knowledge

In order for you to understand what the customer is asking, you need to know the area you’re operating in yourself. If you’re thrown into an area you have little knowledge about, you won’t be a reliable asset to your company. Each and every Ambassador that Edge trains undergoes mandatory training in Edge Academy– a collection of insurance-specific training that includes hard and soft skills. 

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This is also what separates Ambassadors from other alternatives such as VAs. VAs typically don’t have the prior expertise to operate in a specific industry like insurance. At best, they might have some basic training. Ambassadors, on the other hand, are made by insurance agency professionals for insurance agency professionals. 

Not only are Ambassadors able to fill out insurance forms, claims, and quotes, but they also have a support system that allows them to navigate complex insurance problems with the help of more experienced Ambassadors. Ambassadors’ have their own support system in place for any and all problems you might encounter; Ambassadors let their ability to solve anything insurance-related do the talking.

Answering Calls

Customers nowadays expect to be in and out of the door in no time. They expect their query to be dealt with in minutes; if you’re unable to do that, chances are that your customer won’t bring in business again. Remember, a lot of business and important conversations are held over the phone between your customer and client-facing staff. According to aircall.io, “80% of all business communications take place over the phone.”

 The last thing you want is your administrative staff not being able to satisfy your customers– especially when they make up 80% of potential business. 

Ambassadors are both qualified to answer any questions your customers may have, and they have great customer service abilities as well. Each Ambassador undergoes mock email and mock call training to prepare them for any type of situation during actual work. So, you can rest assured that your Ambassador will ensure that your customers are satisfied when they leave. Remember, a happy customer means a repeat customer.

After all, according to aircall.io, “More than 60% of unhappy clients will take their business elsewhere.”

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No Missed Calls Or Long Waits

Answering the phone is one thing, but to actually be present when the customer is calling your agency is another thing. If you’re missing too many phone calls, that’s generally a bad sign and you need to fix it urgently. Customers feel undervalued if their calls are not being picked up. Similarly, if they’re on hold too long or get dropped after waiting, you can consider them gone for good. 

There’s almost always someone in the market that customers gravitate to because of their quality customer service. With an Ambassador, you can make sure that’s you.

Ambassadors can take over your phone calls for you. They’ll make sure that your customers aren’t waiting in long queues. And although your Ambassador will have enough training to satisfy your customers’ concerns, in the rare chance that your customer wants to be transferred to another department, your Ambassador is the traffic-control coordinator you need. They’ll keep the traffic moving along and prevent any customer build-up, keeping your workflow smooth.

Listening to your customers’ concerns and finding a solution is what an Ambassador is all about. 

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Forms, Quotes, Claims, COIs? No Problem

Anyone in the insurance industry knows how important forms, quotes, claims and COIs are. All these things require time, effort and an eye for detail. Misinterpreting information on any one of these can mean a headache for your agency and your customer; that’s never a good thing. Once you have all three of these parts of your business in control, you’ll notice how much more efficient your workflow becomes. 

This is because, more often than not, your employees are spending their time filling out these forms rather than doing what they were hired to do. 

Luckily, for you, Ambassadors are a convenient and affordable solution for precisely this problem. During their training, Ambassadors also learn how to fill out forms, write quotes, prepare COIs, and make claims; they’re experts at these. Remember, you want someone who can really understand these things so that your agency can make money and your customer can be happy– both at the same time.

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Ambassadors, in their most basic form, are problem solvers. They listen and they solve. It doesn’t matter if they’re your agency’s problems, or your customers’ problems– an Ambassador will always find the missing piece to the puzzle.