Onboarding new employees in any company is risky. There are too many variables involved in hiring just the right person for the vacancy in your agency. More often than not, you might hire someone who you think is the right fit for the job, only to find out later that they’re not. Looking back, not only did you spend weeks onboarding the new employee, but you also spent thousands of dollars. And the worst part is that since they weren’t the employee you were looking for, you have to do the whole hiring process again. Do your pockets hurt yet? 

For insurance agencies, Edge has come up with an innovative solution that overcomes the long onboarding process and helps you onboard a remote employee in no time– all at an affordable cost that undercuts the market by 50%. Edge Ambassadors are remote, pre-trained, full-time employees that are trained in front and back-office tasks specific to insurance agencies and are dedicated to your business and your business alone. 

Here’s how Edge’s onboarding process to your agency saves you thousands of dollars and weeks of your valuable time: 

Selective Vetting

Before an Ambassador ever reaches your consideration, Edge ensures that the Ambassador is up to a certain standard. Each and every Ambassador of ours is a college graduate and we verify that. Moreover, all of our hires are required to undergo thorough background checks before they’re onboarded. This allows us to have a certain level of confidence in each Ambassador’s abilities before they undergo our extensive training program to better fit your agency’s needs. Due to our strict requirements, we receive, on average 250+ resumes per week, out of which only 1.5% are hired. This results in Edge’s ability to scout the best candidates for your agency needs.

Client Specific Talent

It wouldn’t be enough on our part to say that we feel that candidate X is perfect for your agency. After all, we don’t know exactly what your agency requires or who you have in mind. To ensure your agency onboards the best match, we have in-depth conversations with all of our clients to note down information such as the software used in their agency, whether they have specific tasks in mind that they require help with, and so on. 
What this allows us to do is to find a suitable ambassador that fulfills your needs. This completely replaces the risk that was mentioned at the start of the blog post where a client would hire an employee only to find out they weren’t the right fit.

Matching Candidates to Agencies

Because Edge was born from an insurance agency, we understand your needs on a deeper level. After learning about your agency and requirements we hand-select Ambassador resumes and send them over to you so that you can select who you would like to interview. 
We always provide you with a handful of resumes to choose from which really allows you to delve into each one to find the missing puzzle piece to take your business to the next level.