Some of the most important work, much like in any business, takes place behind the scenes. In the insurance industry, people only see the sales and the end-product, not the time-consuming work that employees are doing backstage. Unfortunately, employees hired for a certain position are given work that does not have much to do with the position they were hired for, ultimately distracting them from their primary purpose. For instance, in an insurance agency, you might find sales experts working on quotes. All in all, this leads to inefficient workflows because people hired to do a specific task are unable to focus on their job.

This problem was identified by insurance professionals, who in turn came up with their own solution. Born out of experts in the insurance industry, Edge came up with Ambassadors. Ambassadors are pre-trained, remote employees designed specifically to address the most common pain points that insurance industries deal with on a daily basis. An Ambassador’s specialized training includes front and back-office training. Their relatively affordable price-point (50-70% less than a physical employee) allows them to excel at their jobs while also being the financially responsible decision for an insurance agency to make.

While like most companies, insurance agencies hire front office or back-office staff, an Edge Ambassador is a jack of all trades, significantly bringing your cost per employee down and bringing your agency productivity up. 

Here’s a list of tasks an Edge Ambassador can help you with at your insurance agency:

Processing of policy cancellations
Updating mortgage clauses and line holder information
Making calls for late pays, policy changes, and COI’s
Processing payments online on carrier websites
Sending auto insurance cards to customers
Creating COI, COP, and binder on the AMS for customers and their mortgage companies
Shopping for auto and home on PL rater
Use of fact finder sheet to gather information and run quotes
Reconcile downloads
Update accounts in the AMS
Follow up with e-signatures and trailing documents
Update accounts in the AMS
Follow up with e-signatures and trailing documents
Revise and complete NW policy center notes and underwriting notes
Manually pulling information and manually updating AMS in case of no downloads
Re-quoting and re-marketing accounts
Commissions clean up
Checking producers’ commissions
Creating/updating refinance of new/renewal/existing EOIs
Onboarding tasks such as sending welcome packets getting proof of home ownership, prior insurance, location of home, getting alarm certificates, and getting discounts processed
Endorsements for home and auto
Bridge between clients and carriers for inspections, apps, etc.
Sorting out email folders for the entire agency
Updating underwriting guidelines for existing and future auto and home policies for all the carriers being worked with
Creating and updating EOIs for existing clients
Processing endorsements for home and auto
Assigning producers and AEs to all clients
Retention center monitoring
Calling back missed calls
Helping clients sign up with carrier apps
Following up with clients
Payment reminders
Taking incoming phone calls and directing to the right team member
Setting appointments
Completing quote forms for new customers
Cleaning up the agent management system
Claims/follow up with the customer regarding their claim
Inbound and outbound emails
Customer service emails
Building relationships over the phone such as calling customers on their birthday
Commercial acord forms
Commercial quoting
Entering claims into the agent management system

It’s safe to say that insurance agencies are flooded with different types of tasks on a daily basis. Whether it’s filling out ACORD forms or preparing quotations and certificates, or answering calls, employees have a ton on their plate during their time at the office. Many employees, however, are not trained in doing the tasks they’re bound to do when you don’t have additional help. More often than not, as an employer, you have to take out the extra time and resources to train them. 

Luckily, Edge Ambassadors have the training required to hit the ground running when they’re onboarded at your agency. 

We provide you with a fully trained, talented, remote professional at a fraction of the cost with an emphasis on training to ensure that your Ambassador is ready for you. 

Learn about the Edge Academy here.