One of the biggest workforce challenges that Insurance agencies face is recruitment difficulties. Being short staffed or having low retainment rates can lead insurance agencies to financial distress. They simply do not have time to go through hundreds of CVs to shortlist candidates. Even if they do, finding a perfect match, training them and making sure they stay for a long period of time. Well, there’s no guarantee for that!

Studies have shown that the average age of an insurance agent in the US was 59 in 2016 which means that there is an immediate issue of an aging workforce. Along with this, changing societal values have caused less local younger talent to apply for insurance agency vacancies than before. Which ultimately leads to a smaller pool of candidates to hire from. 

This is where Edge comes in! Edge was created by insurance professionals for insurance agencies. At Edge, we saw a recurring problem happening at most insurance agencies and decided to find a solution that would put a stop to hiring difficulties. Edge provides insurance agencies with remote, talented professionals that we call Edge Ambassadors. We go through the entire hiring and training process for you so that you don’t have to worry if you’re making the right decision. Moreover, our customized training program ensures that your Ambassador is already well-equipped with the knowledge required at your agency – saving you a ton of time and resources. 

Reasons Why Your Agency Should Let Edge Hire For You:

Selective Hiring

At Edge, we receive about 200 or more CVs each week but we still have a hiring rate of 1.5% which means that we go above and beyond to find the perfect fit for your company. Almost 98% of all our Edge ambassadors are college graduates and unless candidates fit our description of a perfect match, we do not go ahead with the recruitment process. Additionally, we handpick resumes of the candidates that we feel your agency needs and then we forward them to you. After your own selection from those resumes, we can set up your interview with them. We make sure that you are involved thoroughly in picking the ideal ambassador for your company.

Smooth Onboarding Process

With an Edge ambassador, it will only take 3-4 days to onboard with your agency. Since we properly train the Ambassador before they join your company. We equip them with all the necessary softwares, tools and systems that you use for your company before they start working with you. So, you won’t have to worry about their training and they can immediately pick up the workload. Our process includes requesting a form from you that lists down all the important details regarding your phone provider, AMS (Agency Management System), chat apps, email provider, carriers and what sort of relevant training do you require your ambassador to have prior to joining.

Cost Efficient

The main benefit of hiring an Edge ambassador is the cost efficiency of it. Hiring locally is not only difficult but expensive. Also, the expenses of renting out extra physical space, buying new equipment, amenities, and so on, are not affordable choices for small agencies. In short, hiring an Ambassador will cost you 70% less than hiring locally. Furthermore for whatever reason if you’re not satisfied with your ambassador then they will be replaced free of charge.

Effortless Talent Acquisition

The Human Resource Department is not present at every insurance agency which is why they find it hard to recruit people. But the HR department at Edge consists of skilled professionals who are trained to hire the best talent for the job. Which is why, Edge makes the recruitment process easier for insurance companies as it acts like their HR department for them. We bear the expenses of setting up online Job advertisements and undergo the stress of interviewing hundreds of candidates to find the perfect match for your company.