The Great Resignation has been trending on all social media platforms since according to the US department of labor, a total of 11 million workers have quit their jobs in the recent months of April, May and June. This is a nationwide wake up call for any organization. The cost of any turnover is expensive, let alone the cost of losing a third of your workforce could push your company towards downfall. 

Whenever such a crisis emerges, it is important to investigate its root cause. When the pandemic started, people were filled with uncertainty which resulted in them holding onto their jobs. Now, we can see that the situation has been improving with mass Covid vaccinations and softer restrictions – causing a massive rise in job opportunities throughout the country. Job openings in the U.S set a record at 10.1 million which is encouraging workers to pursue other opportunities and resign from their current positions and thus, The Great Resignation is booming throughout the country.

This crisis comes with a hefty price though! On average, if an employee resigns, the process of screening, recruiting, training and onboarding can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. With mass resignation, this money is being multiplied many times over. These major turnover costs could be enough to drown small agencies. 

However, Edge can provide you with an ideal employment solution. At Edge, we provide you with full-time, pre-trained, remote employees at a fraction of the cost you would pay locally. Our Ambassadors can take on both your front and back office work so that your producers can focus on what matters most – building relationships.

Here’s how Edge ensures your agency remains stable during The Great Resignation

Minimal Costs

Hiring locally for insurance agencies tends to be very difficult as the pool of candidates is getting smaller every year since there is an aging workforce in this industry. And on top of that, it is getting more expensive every day. Hiring new employees during the great resignation would mean paying extra costs for renting out extra physical space, buying new equipment, training, and so on. 

However, with Edge, we can help you minimize those costs. When you partner with us, we secure your overhead through our flat monthly subscription fee model which covers not only your Edge Ambassador, but also their training, equipment, PTO and benefits plan. The onboarding process is made more quicker and efficient as our ambassadors can immediately pick up the workload within 3-4 days at your agency.

We make sure that all the ambassadors go through an in-depth training program that is conducted by insurance agency professionals and most of these programs are customized according to your agency. So, that your ambassador is trained in accordance with your unique needs.

Future Proof

One of the major benefits of remote work is that no matter what crisis is happening locally, your staff will remain unaffected. Which is why, the agencies that partnered with us ahead of the curve saw a minimal effect on their business and continued to thrive throughout the resignation crisis.

Moreover, Edge provides you with the full guarantee that if in the rare event, you’re not satisfied with your ambassador, you will be replaced with a new ambassador at zero cost. This is done to ensure that you’re protected from any additional turnover charges and future employment shortages. 

What Can An Edge Ambassador Do?

Edge Ambassadors are trained in both back-end and front-end services depending on your needs to ensure you’re matched with a perfect fit. Here’s a list of tasks they can do at your agency:

  • Process Quotes
  • Policy Audits
  • Office Tasks
  • Trailing Documents
  • Data Entry
  • System Cleanup
  • Customer Service
  • Answer Phones
  • Claims Follow-up
  • Emails
  • Agent Support
  • Customer Outreach
  • Plus More!