As we know, recruiting in-person employees is a hassle of its own. With extra working hours and dollars to search, recruit and train these employees, most insurance agencies are turning towards remote employees to handle all their back-end and administrative work. However, hiring a virtual assistant is just another temporary fix for your problem. VA’s are hardly retainable and require extensive training to fit into the environment of your agency. Whereas, an Edge Ambassador would be a complete, permanent solution. A full-time, already trained employee, working remotely – an Edge Ambassador is onboarded into your agency just as any of your new hires would be.

Reasons why Insurance agencies are choosing Edge Ambassadors over Virtual Assistants

Skilled at Communication

Virtual Assistants lack proper communication skills whether it be written or oral. This is a necessary skill while working at an insurance agency where you might have to do front desk work too. An Edge Ambassador on the other hand, is fully trained to have great communication skills. We put a lot of focus on training Edge Ambassadors to excel at communication. Both verbal and written communication helps our clients push their customer service to greater heights.

100% of Edge Ambassadors eventually take on front desk roles due to their great communication skills!

Fully Trained

With virtual assistants, you have to get them accustomed to your agency and train them for all the back-end tasks you require. Moreover, you have to pay to train them without the guarantee that they’ll be a good fit for your agency in the long run.

Edge Ambassadors are fully trained before they even start with you. Our training department also learns about your agency and unique requirements to customize any additional training required. This helps you to have an employee who is able to hit the ground running the moment they start with you. Our program ensures that you’re able to save on both time and resources.


When it comes to VAs – it’s no secret that they’re not retainable. Why have an assistant who leaves you high and dry in the first place? Edge guarantees your Ambassador is in it for the long haul. When we hire an Ambassador, we ensure they sign a one-year contract. Moreover, we focus on relationship building between both the client and the Ambassador to ensure a greater chance of retention. In the rare event that it doesn’t work out with your Ambassador, Edge replaces them with another one immediately and at zero additional cost.


Hiring a remote employee can give them access to your agency and customer information. VA companies aren’t very transparent about their security processes which can lead to a data breach you may not recover from. At Edge, we share all the security measures we have in place with our clients so that they know we prioritize their security.

At Edge, we go beyond the efforts of most companies to ensure that your privacy is never compromised. With over 700 system security settings in place, we follow a rigorous protocol to keep our clients at ease.

Moreover, all Edge Ambassadors go through security training with regular follow-up training several times a year.