Oftentimes at workplaces, employees are expected to do tasks that are not part of their job description. Which greatly reduces their productivity. This is one of the issues that causes insurance agencies to lose their clients. When producers are so fixated on completing their back end tasks, they lose time that could have been spent on building relationships with clientele. 

This problem was identified by insurance professionals, who devised a solution to this issue. And that is how Edge came into being! Edge provides you with ambassadors that can take over your backend tasks while your insurance agents can focus on what’s really important, your clients! Ambassadors are pre-trained, remote employees designed specifically to address the most common pain-points that insurance industries deal with on a daily basis. An Ambassador’s specialized training includes front and back-office training. Their relatively affordable price-point (50-70% less than a physical employee) allows them to excel at their jobs while also being the financially responsible decision for an insurance agency to make.

An Edge ambassador can take over the following tasks for your agency:

Answering Calls


Answering the call is going to leave an everlasting first impression on your client. And could make or break your contact with them. This is why it is not a task that should be passed on carelessly. Instead, it should be handled professionally and carefully. Ambassadors, through their extensive mock-call training and soft-skills expertise, ensure that your clients feel valued from the very beginning. Having relevant knowledge about the insurance industry and being able to adapt to changing emotions allows for the Ambassadors to provide a human touch to your customer service. Lastly, an Ambassador can ensure that none of your phone calls are left unanswered because each missed call is a missed opportunity.

Click here to read how ambassadors ensure that you don’t miss any calls. And learn how an Edge Ambassador helped decrease missed calls at an agency from 20% to 0%.

Insurance Quoting


It is crucial for producers to stay focused on their clients and maintain their relationships. Rather than getting distracted by being asked to work on quotes and COIs, which moves them away from their primary job. This negatively impacts your agency and disturbs the workflow. It can be better explained by one of our customers who experienced the same issue at their agency;

They had their producers focused on preparing quotes and proposals and not enough on their actual job– selling. And understandably so. With numerous quotes needing to be prepared daily, and the customer’s expectation of swift service, that margin of error and delivery time need to be extremely low.

Read here about how Edge Ambassador’s helped our client increase revenue by focusing on proposals and quotes, amongst other things, in the client’s agency.

If one of your major concerns is keeping up with the constant quoting. Then Edge is there to help you through! Our ambassadors are pre trained with quoting and with their speedy service, you can expect your quoting time to decrease from 24 hours to 15 minutes. 

Preparing Certificates


We all know what a hassle it can be if a COI is filled out incorrectly or is taking too much time. Everybody knows that for an insurance agency to be successful, they need to be excellent at preparing COIs for customers. Which would mean having both speed of delivery and no margin of error. Otherwise, you could lose thousands of dollars on this.

The good news is that Edge Ambassadors are skilled at preparing COIs for your agency! From countless hours in training to a proprietary support system at Edge to help them get up to speed with complex agency processes, our Ambassadors are best equipped to produce COIs. Having your producers doing busy work consumes a lot more time and money than you think. Edge Ambassadors can save you up to $350 per year per client, for a client requiring 50 COIs every year. Keep in mind, that’s just for one client

Following Up on Claims


Even on a slow day, insurance companies receive hundreds of claims per day. This means that all of those claims must be investigated. After that, there’s the procedure of needing to follow up on claims. You’re asking too much of your current staff if you don’t have a dedicated individual who merely follows up on claims. Following up on claims is a distinct skill that must be acquired by giving thorough attention in order to be carried out correctly.

Which is exactly what an ambassador is trained to do for your agency! Ease off the burden from your producers and put your trust in our ambassadors to perfectly pull off this task for you.

Data Entry


From filling out ACORD forms or preparing quotations and certificates, there is a vast amount of data that employees have to deal with at an insurance agency. While handling and entering data are a specific responsibility that requires training in order to be truly beneficial to the company. If the data is entered incorrectly, it could lead your company to many problems and possibly cost you thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, ambassadors have received data entry training. During their training, they not only learn about the many types of data entry used in the insurance business, but they also learn how to gather and process data. To prevent spending money on mistakes that could have been avoided in the first place, it is wise to invest in an ambassador.