Edge was developed by insurance professionals to solely help insurance agencies. We have a decade of experience in providing insurance agencies with solutions to overcome their hurdles. Edge provides each insurance agency with a fully trained, remote employee to boost efficiency by managing back and front tasks. 

We are a market leader in bringing you big company resources at a fraction of the cost, helping you enrich customer relationships. Edge understands the modern challenges that insurance agencies are facing now and provides you with a smooth onboarding process and setup that will minimize the costs and workload for your employees.


Durango Insurance has its main office based in Norwalk, Connecticut. Their average employee count ranges from 24 to 25. Durango Insurance’s top challenge was that they were getting more business than they could handle. Their employees were overworked and exhausted which would often lead to them missing out on phone calls. If a customer calls and your agency is unable to answer, it leads to an awful impression on the customer and they often shift their insurance agency due to this. It is crucial to make yourself available for each customer at your agency. 

Durango Insurance did not want to lose their customers and thus, appointed their producers with added tasks and as they were overburdened with more tasks than they could handle, they weren’t as much focused on selling – which was negatively affecting the business at the agency. The producer’s role is to focus first and foremost on the client and how to maintain a strong ongoing relationship with them. This is why Durango Insurance realized the need to find another solution for their issue as they have to find an efficient way to manage their workload rather than over-exhausting their producers.


Edge was successful in providing Durango with the solution that they needed. Edge ambassadors are fully trained, remote employees that were able to quickly pick up the workload at Durango Insurance and make sure no phone calls are ever missed. Immediately after Durango partnered with Edge, they also found that they were able to save on a ton of time now that they had their busy work handled. Producers were able to go back to selling and building relationships and the workflow became much more seamless.

Durango Insurance hired two Edge ambassadors to begin with and found the entire process to be so easy and affordable that they currently have 5 Edge Ambassadors working for them.

Edge Ambassadors Tasks At Durango Insurance:


Personal Lines:

  • Help follow up on closings
  • Follow up on pending closing payments
  • Initial contact with verification and payment at closing.
  • Endorsements
  • E-signs
  • Process and request payments
  • Mortgage clauses and correspondence
  • Conversations with underwriting team
  • Assist homeowner’s teams with manual binders
  • Light underwriting team
  • Phone calls
  • Reinstatements and cancellations
  • Making new applicants for personal lines
  • Creating agency forms
  • Creating EZLynx profiles
  • Home and auto new business applications
  • Follow up with pending information
  • Closing instructions
  • Risk of cancellations letters
  • Inbound and outbound cancellation letters
  • Taking information for home quotes and creating profiles
  • Organizing documents and folders
  • Updating and sending out certificates of Insurance
  • Making endorsements on policies

Commercial Lines:

  • Update mortgage clauses
  • Create EZLynx profiles for the agents to quote and generate policies.

Durango Insurance was able to gain stability and handle a larger client base by hiring Edge Ambassadors. The producers at the agency were able to focus more on their clients and build stronger relationships with them while ambassadors carried out all the necessary back-end and front tasks.