Times are changing and so are the means of business! If you want your agency to adapt to the digital future then outsourcing the best talent, insight, technology, and innovation is the way forward. Oftentimes when companies are unable to progress with the rest of the world, they lose their name and crumble. When it comes to the insurance industry, it’s no secret that a major issue that has risen is that of an aging workforce – making it crucial to expand your options and look further for a more permanent solution. 

Edge provides you with a solution for the future. You no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars for new employees or spend hours finding the right fit for your agency while suffering from low retainment rates. Edge will simply provide you with a remote employee that is 100% dedicated to you. Our Edge ambassadors are pre-trained, remote employees that have industry-specific knowledge that can help you with front and back-end tasks at a cost-effective rate. Technological innovation has shaped the future of employment for the world. And so, Edge is providing you with the future of employment. 

How can Edge help you in adapting to the digital future:

The great shift towards telecommunication


Ever since the pandemic, most business communication has shifted to virtual meetings or phone calls. Hardly any deals these days are carried out through in-person meetings. So, the most important feature that your employee should master at your agency is the art of attending phone calls. Fortunately, all our ambassadors are given mock email and mock call training to prepare them for any type of situation during actual work. Although your Ambassador will have enough training to satisfy your customers’ concerns, in the rare chance that your customer wants to be transferred to another department, your Ambassador is the traffic-control coordinator you need. They’ll keep the traffic moving along and prevent any customer build-up, keeping your workflow smooth. 

So, if the future concern for insurance agencies is how to reach potential clients through phone calls and virtual means, our ambassadors are professionally skilled in those tasks and can help you maintain a happy clientele.

Benefits of remote employment


One of the major benefits of partnering with Edge is its cost-effectiveness. Hiring locally is expensive and time-consuming for agencies and there is no guarantee for retaining a new employee. There are also additional costs for more physical space and office equipment. Additionally, with an Edge ambassador, you don’t need to worry about costly employee benefits such as PTO, 401K, or health/medical – you only pay a monthly subscription fee with no strings attached. You also don’t pay for any recruitment processes, training, or even for a replacement.

All of these charges are covered by Edge – making remote employment an extremely cost-effective business model for the future of your agency. 

The age of Millennials and Gen Z


The future of your company is determined by your customers. With Gen Z and Millenials being tech-savvy and forward-thinking, your agency needs to adapt quickly to the technology needed to reach them effectively. At Edge, we help insurance agencies stay ahead of the curve by connecting people through technology. Partnering with Edge helps your agency become more progressive by adapting to the way of work your upcoming customer base is accustomed to. Our ambassadors are trained in accordance with the latest technology and they belong to the same age group as Gen Z and Millenials – making them the perfect fit for carrying your agency towards the digital future.