Covid-19 has changed the world forever! People don’t go out as much as they used to. You can order anything with a click of a button. Even the means of business have adapted to this new world of technology. People prefer to make deals over phone calls or virtual meetings rather than meeting in person. It is quicker and more convenient for our customers. As an Insurance agency, it is crucial for you to listen to the need of the hour of your customer and adapt to them!

The Issue:

According to a study conducted by Forrester, inbound phone calls are the most valuable conversion tool these days, and customers that initiate a phone call are the ones amounting to the most sales. So, why are we not giving them the most attention?

41% of organizations report having increased phone conversion rates by 25% or more in the past 12 months. Not only are consumers calling more due to COVID-19 — they’re also calling with higher intent to make a purchase. Both the volume and value of calls are increasing for many businesses due to COVID-19.

This is why the greatest move that your agency can make right now is to focus on building clientele through phone calls. This means you need more employees on board who can handle phone calls and make sure not a single call is missed. 

This is where Edge comes in. Edge helps you in making this modern challenge easier and smoother for your agency. We provide you with Edge Ambassadors who are pre-trained, remote employees that have industry-specific knowledge that can help you with front and back-end tasks at a cost-effective rate.

Along with a range of agency tasks, Edge Ambassadors are professionally skilled in the art of attending phone calls and generating more business for your agency. 

How Can Edge Ambassadors Boost Business For Your Insurance Agency

Each Edge Ambassador goes through hours of training in mock phone calls and emails so that they can provide your customers with the best service. Not only that, each Ambassador is trained in accordance with your agency’s guidelines and values. This helps them offer their excellence in attending phone calls from their very first day of working with you. Although your Ambassador will have enough training to satisfy your customers’ concerns, in the rare chance that your customer wants to be transferred to another department, your Ambassador is the traffic-control coordinator you need. They’ll keep the traffic moving along and prevent any customer build-up, keeping your workflow smooth and your service time short.

Missing phone calls makes an awful impression on your customers and sometimes, it is enough for them to shift to another agency. This is why it is important to have a good amount of employees working on attending phone calls. Because missed phone calls lead to missed business! 

Durango Insurance was facing a similar issue. The agency was getting more business than their employees could handle which meant missing out on phone calls. Edge Ambassadors were able to handle the excess load from them and keep the business running. You can read more about the case here!