As COVID-19 continues to hamper usual work-life balance with many insurance agencies now working in silos from the comfort of their beds, many are scrambling to adopt the best possible approach and tools to improve productivity and engagement. But we believe that digital work tools are ahead of the curve, and this lockdown has not affected productivity and individual performance at all thanks to Slack!

We’ve had so many clients tell us how they’ve remained connected as a remote team. How they’re able to get work done, continue collaboration, and share information while working from home. Coordinating as a remote team isn’t as impossible as some may think. Outside of a tech-savvy team, the primary reason for this is an amazing tool called Slack. It’s an agency workhorse and an app many agencies just couldn’t imagine doing work without. For many, finding ways to boost agency productivity is always at the top of the list. How can we do more to enhance our results?

Instant Connection: Free Video & Audio Calls

With the recent shift to working from home, connecting to each other remotely has been effortless with the help of Slack. Agencies are able to keep in constant contact with their team no matter where they are without the need to be in the same room or the same building. 

With the video calling feature, having face-to-face conversations makes it feel like you’re right in the office. Having this feature helps many agencies connect not just locally, but globally with one another seamlessly – and at no cost!

Free Cutting Back Emails

Many of our clients also say that they’ve significantly cut back on emails. When it comes to internal discussions, Slack has allowed them to create filtered team conversations through its in-app ability to create Channels. Teams can be divided into their relevant functions whether it’s Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, or Life Insurance – only relevant employees are members of each channel. They’re able to share price quotes, proposals, and share files effortlessly in respective channels. 

“We were a bit skeptical before shifting towards a digital platform, but Slack has allowed us to get things done in a more efficient way. Whether we’re sharing documents, managing policies, or even giving someone a quick call, Slack has enhanced our daily processes.” – Edge Client.

Markup Tool: Screen Sharing & Training Just Got Easier!

Slack’s built-in calls help teams solve problems together with drawing tools and screen sharing. Whether they’re providing feedback on a presentation, pointing out a mistake in a quote, sketching out new ideas, or even training new employees – the markup tool allows insurance agencies to work better together, all through a screen! This one is a paid feature but worth it!


Since Slack users have the ability to set their status such as “in a meeting” or “on a call”, other team members are aware that they wouldn’t receive an immediate response. Many agencies have also assigned an owner to each channel who has the added responsibility of ensuring everyone is focused on the tasks at hand which helps boost productivity.

Catching Up

A lot of clients also raved about the ability to message individual team members and have one on one conservations through the direct messaging feature as a quick and easy way to catch up. They’re able to create group chats and add up to eight other people if needed – and with the ability to use gifs in Slack, conversations can be fun and easy!

World-Class Security

Slack is trusted by a number of insurance agencies and corporations around the globe – so much so that NASA uses the collaboration app as well. Slack offers data protection at enterprise-grade levels to meet necessary compliance requirements so that agencies like us, don’t have to worry about any security concerns.