Born from an insurance agency for insurance agencies, Edge has pocketed over a decade of Insurance experience. We exclusively focus on insurance agencies and firms. Our service is centered around providing agencies with a fully trained, remote employee, to boost your agency needs.

We are a market leader in bringing you big company resources at a fraction of the cost, helping you enrich customer relationships. We deeply understand the challenges modern insurance agencies face.

When you become a partner with Edge – we have a thorough onboarding and setup process to get your new Ambassador integrated into your agency quickly and smoothly.


Provence’s top challenge was their excessive workload which was causing a bottleneck in their operations. The agency was keen to hire more help but simply did not have the time or resources required to onboard and train new employees – a common loop that many agencies fall into.

Provence was determined to become better at retaining clients and they knew that they would need the support of new staff. Acquiring support and growing their team with highly trained professionals would significantly help with the agency’s operations. Assistance with tasks such as updating management system files, claims followup, customer service, underwriter followups, or any other clerical needs would not only help Provence save on valuable time and resources – but it would also help boost the agency’s overall productivity and client relations.

Here’s what we learned about Provence Inc:

  • The Team needed both additional back-office and customer-facing support to spread the agency workload
  • They adapted well to partnering with Edge Ambassadors
  • They wanted to proactively contact clients to decrease stress in the office and build stronger customer relationships
  • Onboarding a trained employee would take significantly less time
  • Having Ambassadors work within the agency’s processes and management system helped with seamless integration
Location: California, Nevada
Established: 1998
Biggest Challenge: With a large amount of workload and processes, Provence Inc. knew they need immediate support at a low cost to foster customer satisfaction and client retention


We immediately began training our Ambassadors on client-facing skills, policy management, and claims support unique to Provence Inc. This included videos, workbooks, presentations, mock scenarios, and many other training tools all paid for by Edge. Acquiring a fully trained Ambassador specific to Provence allowed for a smooth transition into the agency’s standard of operations.

At a fraction of the cost Provence would pay for and train a new employee, Edge onboarded an insurance professional ready to take on the agency’s needs in a short amount of time.

Edge Services & Solutions Ambassador partners with Provence Inc. and begins to:

  • Provide consumer facing customer service via phone, email and text
  • Assist in clerical tasks
  • Be the first point of contact for phone calls
  • Adopt a client-facing role
  • Updating client files
  • Process quotes
  • Prepare Acord forms
  • Follow up on claims
  • Process COI’s

Immediately after onboarding, the team became excited to focus on sales and work with our Ambassadors to take time off of their workload. When challenges arose, Edge Ambassadors were there to help work them out with the team at every step of the way!


“Edge Services & Solutions have provided us with a great retention ratio. The standard operating procedures developed by our Edge Ambassadors create an outstanding client experience and a culture of sales. Partnering with Edge has catapulted our agency into future success by building a great foundation for rapid growth. Edge Ambassadors helped Provence increase overall retention by over 2%, equating to over $100k in new revenue.”

– Provence Inc.


Increase in revenue


Increase in positive customer reviews

20 Hrs/Mo

Saved on payroll management by correcting management system date.

“Having an Ambassador tasked with service-related activities has enabled our Account Managers & Producers to concentrate on revenue-generating activities, we can now finally spend more time training our staff with the added support from Edge. Our Ambassadors are committed to helping our staff and clients and have proven that again and again. So much so that we’ve been able to call our clients on their birthdays!”

– Provence Team.

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