Imagine being able to use all the communication tools that insurance agencies depend on from one system, one computer, and from anywhere in the world? There is a clear shift in many agencies adopting multi-channel approaches to help engage with customers in a better way. But while focusing on multi-channel avenues, many agencies may be overlooking a more important need – a seamless, omni-channel approach that provides a single, unified experience for customers across all channels.

There’s a platform on the insurance block that many of our clients are raving about! Kotter Bridge – a one-stop suite exclusively designed for insurance agencies that brings all your agency communications under one system.

The Importance of an Omni-Channel Approach

Instilling an omni-channel approach simply makes sense for enhancing your agency value and customer service. Tools that most agencies depend on such as E-signatures, live chat, document sharing, text messages, VOIP phone system, and many others, are all available in one place with Bridge.

To highlight how important having an omnichannel system at your agency we’ve highlighted some stats:

Bridge in a Nutshell

Bridge is essentially a cloud-based platform that replaces an agency’s current phone system by providing a suite of other communication and management tools. The omni-channel solution provides deep integrations and revolutionizes customer service unique to the insurance market.

The platform specifically helps to improve workflows, increase sales, reduce E&O exposure, and lower costs by bringing its range of communication methods and marketing into a single hub.

The reason why a growing number of insurance agencies are choosing Bridge is the fact that agencies typically pay separately for these kinds of tools, but Bridge combines them and lets agents document everything in their CRM/management system for E&O compliance.


Communication: The Key to Client Retention

VOIP Phone System

A state-of-the-art phone system that will more than meet the ends of your agents, producers, and support staff. With both audio and video call, you’re able to contact clients, prospects, and employees from anywhere!

Power Texting

Bridge allows you to text directly from existing business numbers rather than creating new phone numbers. With Bridge’s texting feature you’re able to have multiple threads, and track messages.

Call History & Recording

Get a comprehensive and visual view of all your incoming and outgoing calls with Bridge’s seamless interface. Reduce E&O liabilities with the automated call recording feature which records every call that comes through your agency.


Close policies from the comfort of your desk by collecting digital signatures quicker and improve your overall close rate with this convenient feature.


Agencies can send and receive faxes directly from Bridge without the need for extra equipment or maintenance. All faxes can be stored right into your management system.

Chat Plus

Say goodbye to putting clients on hold with this feature! Stop checking to see if someone is available by communicating with employees without interrupting their calls. Send everything from text to files to video and improve customer service with less hold time and quick solutions.

Supercharged Prospecting

Live Chat

Bridge’s Live Chat feature can be integrated onto your website to help you interact and engage with more prospects, helping you reduce your website’s bounce rate.

Additionally, one CSR has the ability to manage multiple chats on one screen. All chat history is saved and can be swiftly documented in your management system for E&O protection.

Sales Automation

Insurance agencies can often become disorganized with their prospect lists. With Bridge, agents are able to categorize prospects onto a single page from which they can call, text, or email leads. Bridge also includes call scripts, quote forms, automated dialers, report tagging, as well as one-click drop into drip campaigns, and one-click follow-ups.

Web Forms

Most people begin the search for insurance online. With Bridge, you’re able to easily build custom forms to add to your website, assign forms to your team, and track their progress. The great part is that all data from your web forms is seamlessly integrated with your management system.

Automated Messaging

Nurture your prospects, increase your sales, and retain clients with fully automated and personalized text messages, emails, and recorded voice messages. With this feature, you’re able to ensure none of your prospects or clients are disengaged.

Close Insurance Policies Like a Pro

Video Proposal

Get creative and stand out by sending out branded video proposals and quotes. Integrating videos into your emails increases open rates by 250%.


With the screen-sharing feature, you’re able to review policies and other documents with your clients directly from your browser. The greatest part is that you can make edits in real-time and save up on both yours and your client’s precious time.

Automated Follow-Ups

Manually following up with each prospect can be time-consuming and inefficient. Set automated scheduled emails, text messages, and even phone calls through the integrated drip marketing campaign.

Tracking & Monitoring

Management System Integration

Instilling an omnichannel system requires all communication to flow seamlessly into your management system and with Bridge that’s exactly what you get! Increase productivity and decrease E&O one this integration feature.

One-Window View Call Centre

Gain insights with a one-window view into everything occurring within your agency.

Time Clock Pro

Keep track of your team and what’s going on at your agency with screenshots and tracking status for all your employees.

Bridge Analytics

Your agency’s one-click spot for tracking and measuring calls, texts, and employee productivity.