There’s no doubt that customers use product and service reviews to determine any purchase decisions they are going to make. As far as online reviews are concerned, Google takes the lead. One quick search for your agency and Google pulls up your agency location, website, and reviews – or lack thereof. 

Google Reviews has earned the trust of users around the globe, making it one of the most popular review platforms. For insurance agencies, the importance of Google Reviews cannot be understated. These reviews may positively impact your online reputation, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With many agencies operating state to state, your local prospects count on making the best decision for themselves by looking at reviews and evaluating their options.

How To Get Google Reviews

The formula to getting Google Reviews for your business boils down to one formula: Make it simple. Simplifying processes for your customers always results in greater outcomes. The same goes for Google Reviews. 

As soon as you talk to a customer let them know you will text them a link. They just click the link and instantly write a review. No need to login to anything, simple as that. Make sure to follow this step instantly.

Here is a quick how-to video:

Google Reviews Tutorial Part 1
Google Reviews Tutorial Part 2

Reply to reviews to build customer trust. Your clients and potential customers will notice that your business values their input which could possibly lead to more reviews in the future. Visit to set up your online presence.

Reasons why Google Reviews are important to insurance agency owners:

Builds Trust Amongst Customers

As the first and most important reason, trust is at the heart of any successful business which is why many companies are investing in online reputation services. With Google Reviews being so popular – it has become the go-to place for people to read up on reviews before spending money.

Over 90% of buyers read online reviews

Over 80% of people trust those reviews

More than 70% of people said that positive reviews increased their trust in a brand

Converting Site Visitors Into Loyal Clients

The goal of any agency is to get more clients. To accomplish that goal, converting visitors into customers is key – and Google Reviews helps you do exactly that. Although having a great user interface, load time, and great content all add to an increased conversion rate, Google Reviews is where the magic really lies. A high-rated business should ensure that they promote their Google Reviews across their site to increase customer confidence in their brand and services. 

Reviews Improve SEO

SEO is crucial for all businesses with an online presence. Feedback through Google Reviews can help agencies establish an online reputation and become more digitally visible. 

Online reviews make up 10% of a company’s search engine ranking.

High-quality online reviews are essential to bump up your agency against competitors and with great SEO, your brand is immediately positively viewed in the eyes of the consumer. 

Great ROI

We already know that Google Reviews increases customer trust, increases conversion rates, and increases organic traffic. Since each of these are vital SEO aspects they combine to improve your marketing ROI. When used correctly, Google Reviews can help increase your return on investment by turning customers into clients which makes it well worth the effort.

Stay Connected To Customers

When business owners are part of an online conversation, it becomes easier to make improvements based on reviews – especially when it comes to customer service. For insurance agencies, customer service is a huge part of the business – Google Reviews helps to monitor the quality of your service and allows you to grow and evolve in ways that meet customer needs.

Protecting the Agency’s Reputation

An agency’s online reviews are a direct reflection of its reputation. If agencies gain a reputation for low-quality services, people are sure to let others who might be considering your services know. Even though not every negative review is warranted, potential customers are unable to tell the difference between a fake review and a legitimate one. Balancing out any negative reviews with more positive ones is key.