Missed calls happen. If you’re like many business owners, you don’t think that missed business calls are a big deal. As an insurance agency, constantly attending calls can become difficult. Given today’s emphasis on digital communication, it’s easy to think that phone calls don’t matter that much. In the insurance industry, however, phone calls are still the primary way for customers to reach out to you, and missing those calls can have a huge impact on your business.

Small Team, Big Tasks

Missing phone calls cause businesses to lose $75 billion a year from poor customer service alone. For small insurance agencies to ensure that their customer service is on top of the game, the simple solution is to grow your team. Born from an insurance agency, we know all too well how much small insurance agencies like to take on many different roles – often overwhelming staff and hurting business processes. Growing your team not only allows you to spread tasks across the agency, but it also helps your agency processes become more efficient. 

Now you must be wondering, growing your team results in more overhead costs – and you’re right! Hiring the right staff, training them, and ensuring that they perform according to your agency’s needs, definitely hurts your pocket. On the other hand, most low-cost employees are fresh graduates who are often inexperienced and require extensive training. When it comes to answering calls, having someone who’s able to deliver great customer service is extremely important since they’re on the front-line speaking with customers. 

Introducing #TheEdgeWay

At Edge, we aim to supercharge your agency by providing you with a fully-trained employee ready to take on your agency’s needs. Edge Ambassadors are trained in both back-end and front-end services depending on what you need. When it comes to answering calls, Edge Ambassadors provide exemplary customer service by answering phones, follow-up on claims, write emails, conduct customer outreaches, plus more! 

For 70% less cost, you’re able to onboard a full-time, talented, and trained professional.

Save Costs

We already know the time and resources that are taken up when hiring an insurance professional, With Edge, not only do you save money but you’re also able to increase the overall productivity at your agency. You’ll be able to delegate tasks across your team to save up on your time which improves your work quality and increases efficiency. 

Missed calls become a thing of the past and your services immediately begin to shift towards a positive avenue when you have an employee that’s dedicated to delivering great customer service. Get your revenue right with an Edge Ambassador

Customer Service Is Everything

When you’re not answering calls, your brand becomes less reliable. Customer service is expected to be top of the line for any business to succeed. When customers are faced with long hold times, unanswered calls, and no one to communicate with, they almost always move on to a different agency where their customer service needs can be met.

Ensuring that all customer calls and queries are answered in a timely manner makes your business more reliable. Banking on calling customers back is poor service and in today’s fast-paced world, people don’t like to wait. With tons of options for customers to choose from, by the time you call them back it’s already too late. 

Customers and prospects don’t care if you’re short-staffed, had a busy day, or if no one is available. Unanswered calls send a signal to customers that they are not important to you. By having someone specifically designated to providing customer service, your brand immediately becomes more trusted and seen positively – guaranteeing business to grow.