As a small business, we’ve all been there – having a small team with big responsibilities, often struggling to stay ahead of tasks. As an insurance agency, slacking behind on tasks can come at a steep cost. Because the industry is customer-facing, insurance agencies cannot afford to have any inefficiencies affect their customer service. Having a small team handle an array of tasks almost always means that some areas are lagging behind. And although small business owners would love to have a larger team, the cost of doing so just won’t allow them to. 

That traditional system, however, is a thing of the past when you hire external help. We often hear how large multi-billion dollar companies have outside help for their many different departments. We also often assume that it must be out of our budget to do so. That’s a myth – at Edge we bring small agencies, big company resources at a fraction of the cost!

Here’s how hiring an Edge remote employee helps your insurance agency

Boosts Productivity 

Having a ton of tasks spread across a small team can often result in a loss of productivity, lowered staff morale, and an over-stressed work environment. This begins to reflect on your services and customers’ notice. Hiring an Edge Ambassador allows your agency to spread tasks over a larger team that balances the workload. An Edge Ambassador can help you answer phones, follow up on claims, write emails, and support your agents. Edge Ambassadors are also trained in back-end services such as processing quotes, audit policies, enter data, and much more. 

With each employee focusing on what they need to, they’re able to perform better which allows your business to grow and thrive as a result.

Automatically Grows Revenue

The formula for insurance agencies to grow their revenue is simple – the more help your agency has, the more you’re able to boost productivity which results in your agency getting new prospects. The more prospects you have the more likely your chances are to gain new clients which helps you grow your revenue. The best part is with Edge, you don’t have to take out a huge chunk of your capital to get the extra help. Your budget is still able to remain at a comfortable level all while you’re able to increase your profits.

Read how our client saved $100K when they partnered with us!

Helps You Hire Locally

With increased revenue, your agency is able to afford and hire even more people locally which continues the cycle of growing your team = growing your revenue. This cycle can continue on to take your agency to successful horizons. With all the added help your agency has, your customer service undoubtedly improves. 

Big Team, Low Costs

At Edge, we know all too well how costly it is to hire new staff for your agency. That’s why we provide you with a fully-trained employee for 70% less cost than you would typically spend on a new hire. Partnering with Edge means you’re able to grow your team, revenue, and your overall insurance agency without having to put a dent in your budget. How’s that for growth?