When it comes to training your employees, many would agree that it’s never enough. With new technology constantly being introduced – rapid changes are being fueled which means it’s up to employers to stay ahead of the game. 

85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been created yet. 

This uncertainty can leave a lot of businesses behind if they aren’t with the current times. As an employer, it’s key to provide your employees with the training they need to keep your business running smoothly and effectively. 

For the insurance industry, oftentimes employers prefer sticking to more traditional methods of operation. So much so that despite the digital boom in technology, insurance agencies still prefer to have their employees behind the times through age-old paperwork and telesales.

This traditional system of working is not only behind the current times, but it could also have agencies completely in the dark over the next few years.

Why the Future of your Agency Depends on Training

There’s no doubt that offering training to employees reaps a multitude of benefits. Training your employees helps you achieve your agency goals and targets while also providing employees with the learning opportunities they need to move forward in their careers. As an insurance agency, realizing this is vital to propel your agency into future success.

Keep Training Current

A more important factor when it comes to providing your employees with training is to provide them with the best resources available during their training program. By best resources, we mean resources that are technologically current. The reason why it’s so important to ensure your employees are trained through current technologies all boils down to ensuring your agency is able to achieve its long-term goals effectively. 

While short-term tasks are much easier to achieve, employers often neglect one key factor when it comes to achieving long-term goals – keep long-term in mind when training employees. When CRMs were paper-based – the shift to the range of CRM applications we have today puts in contrast how just a few years can create a stark shift in the way that we work. Employees who aren’t tech-savvy find it difficult to adapt to these changes. Within the next few years, who knows what tools insurance agencies will be using which is why training your employees to stay ahead of the tech-game is so important.

Employee Training Increases Agility 

In an evolving global economy, successful agencies will be those that are able to adapt quickly and effectively. Continuous training helps employees stay up to mark, keep their skills sharp, and boosts their confidence. This is especially helpful when employees face new challenges while on the job. Having a constantly growing skill-set helps them tackle new challenges which ultimately helps your business. Having access to relevant information on the job creates an environment of agility during changing times. 

Competitive Advantage

People have a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing who to get their insurance from. When your employees are trained to be the best they can be, it gives you a competitive advantage. Services such as customer service – which is deeply connected to client satisfaction, can you give an edge over your competitors. Insurance agencies are growing to be more relationship-based and having your employees be the best at what they do, helps nurture those relationships and may bring in even more business. 

Employees Look For Skill Development

Today, employees seek the opportunity to learn something new. According to Gallup, ongoing training is considered to be the most important decision-making factor by job seekers today. People want to work somewhere where they can get the chance to develop their skills and learn new ones to become better in their field. With evolving technology, employees understand the need to develop their skillset constantly – which is why training is so important for employees to provide. 

Having employees who are leading the skill development race seals your agency’s future during changing times. Moreover, providing your employees with the opportunity to learn gives them the incentive to give back to the agency. As an employer, providing your team with the resources they could carry throughout their lives instills confidence in not only your employees but yourself as a progressive employer.