Remote employees are no different than your regular employees, the only difference is that they aren’t in the office. Remote employees help agencies expand their talent search beyond borders – helping bring in a wider range of skilled professionals. With technology allowing remote work to become an option for companies all around the world, learning how to manage remote employees is a key factor to ensure both you and your team are able to work together efficiently. There are a number of ways to make the remote-work experience productive and engaging even when there might be little time to prepare. A lot of companies are new to remote working and can often be overwhelmed with how to manage their team. Don’t worry! We’re here to help. 

We’ve listed ways to help manage your remote employees:

Communication is Key

Communication is a two-way street, and with technology, communication has become easier than ever with chat, voice, and video call options. Two-way communication with managers and co-workers provides employees with the information and perspective they need. When employees are communicative, they help managers by keeping them in the loop and addressing and possible hurdles that may arise. Edge Ambassadors are trained to excel at communication, creating opportunities for open dialogue is a great way to ensure you’re building a strong relationship with them as well as strengthening the foundation of your agency communications.

Daily Check-Ins

Checking in with your remote employee is key to touch base on how well they’re adjusting and how tasks throughout the day have progressed. Checking in helps your Ambassador know that they can consult with you and that their questions and concerns will be heard. A simple message or call throughout the day can make a huge difference!

Treat Remote Employees as Local 

Your Ambassador is no different than your local employee, the only difference is that they aren’t in the office. Treat your remote employee the same way you would if they were at the office. Give them a call, drop them a message, communicate any needs or concerns you have, it’s just that simple.

Schedule Video Calls

Face-to-face conversations are always the best way to build strong bonds with people. Schedule them often and have a face-to-face chat with your Ambassador. Get to know them and help them get to know you!

Boost Collaboration

Boosting your agency collaboration is a great way to get help your Ambassador settle in. Create group chats, have group calls, and encourage team members to engage with another. This helps your team work more productively and efficiently.

Build Trust

Trust is the number one factor between management and team members. Trusting your team to get work done no matter where they are is important. By giving them both a balance of space and asking for updates when required, it creates a professional environment for both you and your Ambassador.