Strapped with limited time and unforgiving budgets, modern business owners simply cannot afford to spend the time and resources required to recruit, train, and retain a full-time staff. In turn, many turn towards an off-site team to assist them with administrative tasks. With this rising demand came in the flood of companies offering virtual assistance – promising to transform your business operations to make your life easier. What’s often overlooked however, is that VAs are just a temporary fix for short-term problems. Unlike full-time employees, VAs aren’t a long-term solution nor are they retainable. Here’s where an Edge Ambassador is completely different than a virtual assistant. A full-time, already trained employee, working remotely – an Edge Ambassador is onboarded into your agency just as any of your new hires would be. Your employees are incomparable to a VA, which is what makes the #EdgeDifference

To show you just how different it is working with an Edge Ambassador compared to a VA, we broke down some key factors:


VAs often lack the communication skills required at insurance agencies. This is especially important when it comes to front-end services such as customer service. Whether written or verbal, VAs often lack good communication skills. An Edge Ambassador on the other hand, is fully trained to have great communication skills. Both verbal and written communication helps our clients push their customer service to greater heights.

Full-Time Employee

An Edge Ambassador is no different than your agency’s existing employees. In fact, the hiring process is the same as well! You have the freedom to interview multiple Ambassadors and choose whoever fits your agency the best. We take care of all their employment benefits by providing them with paid leaves, paid vacation time, as well as provide them with health and life insurance. We also fully vet each Ambassador to ensure you’re onboarding an employee you can trust. Ambassadors are also onboarded to work during your agency timings and provide you with the support any full-time employee would. VAs are more task-focused and only provide you with task-to-task services when needed. They’re often underpaid by their company’s as well which makes them less likely to be retainable. Most VAs often take the job up as part-time work – which means they might not stick around for long either.


When it comes to VAs, most companies ask you to pay for their training. If they’re trained by their companies, the training tends to be of poor quality which results in them providing you with poor quality work. Why take that chance? At Edge, we already know how costly and time-consuming training employees can be. This is why we ensure we hire talented and educated professionals.

100% of Edge Ambassadors are College Graduates

Along with being graduates, Edge takes care of the training process for you. Our training program consists of using cutting edge technology and the best insurance practices to provide you with excellent services. Along with that, we also ensure all our Ambassadors are trained to have excellent communication skills. This helps our clients have an employee who doesn’t only provide them with back-end services but also provides them with front-end services. 

Low Costs – Different Outputs

Because VAs don’t cost a lot, they’re often underpaid for their services. VAs aren’t provided with the benefits a regular employee would receive which also results in low morale. When any employee is underpaid, they aren’t motivated enough to provide you with the best that they can. Moreover, VAs don’t have the incentive to stay with their employers for long which makes their retention rate quite low. 

An Edge Ambassador costs 70% less than what you would pay for hiring a local employee. In fact,  you might think a local employee might be better. That’s a myth. Our Ambassadors are educated professionals who are oftentimes better than your local talent. Moreover, we take care of our team just as any great company would. We provide them with the best and with what they deserve. This not only results in a positive work environment but also positively reflects through their work. Our clients have been able to transform their agency operations after onboarding an Edge Ambassador. With our high retention rates, our clients know that they can count on their Ambassador.

Front & Back-End Services

Edge Ambassadors know how to go above and beyond. Our mantra is to constantly level up on skills and knowledge. Because of this, Edge Ambassadors are able to take care of a range of responsibilities. Whether back-end or front-end, Edge Ambassadors know it all. 

100% of Edge Ambassadors eventually become client-facing 

When you hire a VA, you limit yourself to a small pool of services. Services that may not even be up to mark.  Your agency deserves better, and that’s what you get when you onboard an Edge Ambassador.