Insurance agencies have always been about interaction. The better you are at engaging with and providing your clients with support, the better your service is going to be. It’s pretty straight-forward – in today’s fast-paced technological business, customers want and expect quick solutions. 

A lot of insurance agencies provide support through call centers to handle their client interactions. Just like the agencies they cater to, call centers come in all shapes and sizes: big and small. The problem with call centers, however, is that they don’t know or understand your clientele like you do. Back when digital technology was still in its infancy, call centers were pretty convenient. Now, long waiting queues and poor customer service can result in the loss of a client. 

Providing good customer service is one of the most important ways to keep your customers satisfied, increasing the likelihood of them remaining loyal for years to come, and potentially even recommend your business to others. 

With so much riding on how great your customer service is, it’s important to keep these employees in-house. While outsourcing customer service support may save you money in the short run, it’s likely to cost you a lot more than you saved in the long run. 

Here’s how Edge helps you keep customer support center in-house:

In-Depth Knowledge of your agency’s services and policies

Agents that work at outsourced call centers may have the expertise on how to interact with customers – but that’s pretty much about it. They don’t know your agency’s services, policies, culture, and standards with which you strive to treat your customers. Since the main goal of customer support is to provide information, resolve issues, and ensure a positive customer experience, having an in-house support center is vital. By understanding your agency inside and out, an Edge Ambassador can enable you to meet customer demands to the greatest level of satisfaction.

Save Time & Resources

When you think of an in-house customer support center, you might become overwhelmed by the thought of lengthy and costly training. With an Edge Ambassador that worry is non-existent. Our Ambassadors are already trained before you hire them which makes them perfect for the job. Once they’re on-boarded and merge with your agency culture, they’re ready to provide your customers with exemplary service. Instead of paying for an outsourced call center, you’re saving costs by keeping the process internal.

Quick & Efficient Customer Support

We all know the agony of staying on hold waiting for a rep to get on the phone with you. Outsourced support centers often have calls waiting in queue for so long that customers eventually hang up. Not only does this reflect your agency’s poor service quality, but it also results in a frustrated customer. No agency wants that tag. By keeping your service center in-house you’re in complete control over the quality of your service. Providing customers with quick and efficient solutions through your in-house employee just makes more sense if you want your customer services to reflect positively.

Promotes Personalization

An outsourced customer service rep often follows a more scripted approach when interacting with your customers. As mentioned above, no one knows your clients better than you do. Having an in-house support center where your employees are directly involved in the support service allows for personalized and natural conversations. Customers aren’t only customers. Agencies seek to build relationships because that’s what the insurance industry is all about. Having someone who knows and speaks to your clients and customers on a personal level is a great way to achieve just that.