How do so many large companies get external support for their office tasks and still have the ability to continue hiring people?

The truth is, getting the extra help for your tasks comes with a multitude of benefits. It all boils down to a simple formula – when you start cutting down on the number of things you do in-house and focus on growth, you become more efficient. Because external support vendors, like Edge, generally cost less than having an in-house counterpart, you save on costs that allow you to, in turn, have the funds to hire more people for your team!

Let’s take a closer look at what that means from the Edge perspective. At Edge, you’re hiring a full-time remote employee for a fraction of the cost. The very first step helps you save your overhead. In fact, with an Edge Ambassador, you get a full-time already trained employee – helping you save on training costs as well. 

How does that help you hire more producers? We’ve compiled a few reasons how it does just that. 

Edge Ambassadors Help You Grow Revenue

An Edge Ambassador is onboarded onto your team just as any of your local hires would be. The only difference is that they aren’t in your office. With the extra support from your Ambassador, you’re able to have your front & back-end tasks fully taken care of. The formula is simple – the more help your agency has, the more you’re able to boost productivity which results in your agency getting new prospects. The more prospects you have the more likely your chances are to gain new clients which helps you grow your revenue. The best part is with Edge, you don’t have to take out a huge chunk of your capital to get the extra help. Your budget is still able to remain at a comfortable level all while you’re able to increase your profits. Because Ambassadors are already fully trained, you don’t even need to be concerned about taking out the funds to train them – we cover that for you. 

More Money = Bigger Team

When an Edge Ambassador joins your team, they immediately begin to provide you with the support you need to take your agency to where it needs to be. Because you get the extra support, your agency is able to perform better. When you perform better, you make more money. This helps you gain the capacity to hire more people – it’s a win-win!

Hire Locally

Hire people locally and grow your team to where you need it to be – all by having the support of one remote employee. Our client, Provence Inc. was able to hire a ton of producers after getting support from an Edge Ambassador. They were stuck in a position where they knew they wanted to grow their team – but simply didn’t have the funds to do so. 

Read our case study on how we helped Provence Inc. increase revenue by $100k!

Think Outside The Box

Putting yourself in a box before realizing the benefits of getting outside help only hurts your agency’s potential. Starting by hiring support at a lower cost, and then getting the help you need to work your way up to hiring more producers, is what we strive to achieve for you at Edge. When you win, we win. Partnering with Edge means you’re able to grow your team, revenue, and your overall insurance agency without having to put a dent in your budget. How’s that for growth?