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How Insurance Agencies Can Improve Their Services Amidst the Pandemic

Covid-19 has changed the way the entire world operates. This is no surprise that insurance agencies have to quickly adjust themselves to digital innovations to keep up with their customers. There is an excessive need to reduce business activities and... Read More

How Can Insurance Agencies Work More Efficiently Than Ever!

Oftentimes at workplaces, employees are expected to do tasks that are not part of their job description. Which greatly reduces their productivity. This is one of the issues that causes insurance agencies to lose their clients. When producers are so... Read More

Why Insurance Agencies Need To Stop Hiring Virtual Assistants

As we know, recruiting in-person employees is a hassle of its own. With extra working hours and dollars to search, recruit and train these employees, most insurance agencies are turning towards remote employees to handle all their back-end and administrative... Read More

How To Avoid “The Great Resignation” At Your Agency

The Great Resignation has been trending on all social media platforms since according to the US department of labor, a total of 11 million workers have quit their jobs in the recent months of April, May and June. This is... Read More

How Insurance Agencies Can Hire More Efficiently

One of the biggest workforce challenges that Insurance agencies face is recruitment difficulties. Being short staffed or having low retainment rates can lead insurance agencies to financial distress. They simply do not have time to go through hundreds of CVs... Read More

Why Your Producers Shouldn’t Be Doing Back-end Tasks!

At every insurance agency, producers are the real core members! Not only do they build long-lasting relationships that amount to the most profits but they also sustain those relationships – increasing the longevity of your ROI. This is why it’s... Read More

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