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Top Tasks Insurance Agencies Can Get Help With

Some of the most important work, much like in any business, takes place behind the scenes. In the insurance industry, people only see the sales and the end-product, not the time-consuming work that employees are doing backstage. Unfortunately, employees hired... Read More

The Secret To New Employees That Won’t Leave You High & Dry

When you hire a new employee, you’re banking a lot of your time, money, and energy into ensuring that they’re a productive resource for you. What you can’t ensure however, is that they won’t leave for the next best opportunity.... Read More

How Your Insurance Agency Can Ramp Up Service Time Immediately

In the age of quick service, insurance agencies are expected to keep up. Customers no longer have the patience to be put on long holds or wait to receive a quote. The longer you take to get back to a... Read More

40% of Insurance Agencies Have Producer Support: Here’s Why

As an insurance agency, your success depends on the very core members of your business – your producers. Producers help you build those long-lasting relationships that bring in most of your business’ profits. Moreover, they help sustain those relationships to... Read More

How Quoting is Costing Your Insurance Agency Way More Than It Should

When it comes to quoting your customers, most producers are on the task. The question is, should your producers even spend time quoting? Although it is the norm – it’s a norm that costs you a lot more than you... Read More

The Secret To Saving Costs Due To Turnover & How To Increase Retention

When it comes to high turnover, insurance agencies can face costs of up to $11,000 to replace just one employee. If you’re losing more than one employee – your overhead is in trouble. The cost of turnover is extremely high... Read More

COIs Are Costing Your Insurance Agency Big Bucks

If you’re still doing certificates of insurance (COIs) then you’re losing big money. Most insurance agencies spend a lot of money on COIs without even realizing it. Having an account manager doing COIs can cost you up to $500 a... Read More

The Edge Academy: How We Train Our Ambassadors In Health & Life Insurance For Your Agency

Hiring someone virtually has become a smart business decision simply because it costs less money and time to onboard them. At Edge, we bring those smart business decisions to insurance agencies. We provide you with a fully trained, remote professional... Read More

How an Edge Ambassador Completely Owned an Insurance Agency’s COI Requests

If you’re still doing certificates of insurance (COIs) then you’re losing big money. Most insurance agencies spend a lot of time on COIs simply because they have an account manager doing it on the side. The issue that often arises... Read More

Edge Is Growing Rapidly, What Does That Mean For Your Insurance Agency?

Since 2020, Edge has grown a tremendous amount. Starting from a small-scratch with just under 5 people on our team early last year, we’ve grown by 1500%. Today, Team Edge consists of more people than we envisioned.  On the flip-side,... Read More

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