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How an Edge Ambassador Helped an Insurance Agency Decrease Missed Calls from 20% to 0%

Missed calls happen. If you’re like many business owners, you don’t think that missed business calls are a big deal. As an insurance agency, constantly attending calls can become difficult especially if you have a small team and don’t have... Read More

How an Edge Ambassador Helped an Insurance Agency Remarket Business

Most insurance agencies let insurance policies renew without any changes and don’t talk to customers about any new options. Remarketing business is all about finding out if there’ve been any changes in carrier prices and providing better options to your... Read More

How an Edge Ambassador Cut an Agency’s Quoting Time from 24 hours to 15 Minutes

The time it takes to send customers a quote can take anywhere from an hour to several hours, or in other situations, even days. In this age of quick service, insurance agencies are expected to keep up. Of course, with... Read More

How an Edge Ambassador Helped an Insurance Agency Process Commissions 3x Faster

The day to day operations of an insurance agency are quite versatile. Keeping up with the range of tasks can often become daunting and if you don’t have the resources to keep up, those tasks can pile up and eventually... Read More

How an Edge Ambassador Cut Down an Insurance Agency’s Renewal Time By 75%

Renewals are one of the most important aspects of client retention for insurance agencies. Good customer services means notifying your clients in a timely manner when renewals are coming up. Contacting clients on a regular basis to determine whether their... Read More

Working as an Edge Ambassador: Supercharging Insurance Agencies

Whether you’re working from home, from the office, or sometimes both, workdays differ from role to role and company to company. At Edge, the busiest of the bunch are our Ambassadors. With each of our Ambassadors working with their clients,... Read More

Why Keeping Up With Technology Matters

Technology today is inescapable. It is a part of every aspect of our life. From the way we work to the way we live our lives, it has created a revolution that will continue to grow and advance at a... Read More

The Insurance Agency Dilemma: Small Team, Big Tasks

Oftentimes insurance agencies are smaller in size when it comes to their team. With smaller teams come bigger responsibilities. While having a small close-knit team is great, what tends to happen is the pile on of responsibilities which ends up... Read More

#EdgeNews: Edge Grows Sales by 700% in 2020

We’ve come a long way at Edge. From our small, intimate team consisting of less than 10 people at the beginning of the year, we’re now a team of 50! Growing every day, we’re watching Edge evolve into something bigger... Read More

The Edge Academy – How We Train Professionals For Your Insurance Agency

At Edge, we provide you with a fully trained, talented, remote professional at a fraction of the cost. We emphasize on training all of our Edge Ambassadors to ensure that they’re ready for you. Despite 100% of our Edge Ambassadors... Read More

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