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Edge X LUMS Partnership: Providing Insurance Agencies with Ivy League Talent

We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), one of the top Ivy League Universities in South-East Asia. The recruitment partnership means that we’re able to hire top-notch talent directly from the Ivy... Read More

Why Edge Has Lost 0 Clients To Date & How We’re Changing The Insurance Industry

At Edge, client satisfaction is extremely important to us. Not only do we continue to provide them with our exemplary service, but we also go up a notch and ensure that we continue to maintain our strong bonds with them ... Read More

The Importance of a Positive Company Culture

High stress and cut-throat work environments are often linked with efficient results, especially in the corporate world. But should it be that way? According to a study done by the University of Warwick, research suggests that having a more positive... Read More

Our Hiring Rate is only 1.5% & That Means Your Insurance Agency Gets The Best of Best

At Edge, our Ambassador position is always open for candidates to apply. This ensures that we’re always able to provide our new clients with an Ambassador. A lot of our existing clients have onboarded multiple Ambassadors as well! But that... Read More

Why Zoom is the Best Free Video Communications Platform for Insurance Agencies

Have you used Zoom yet? Chances are, if you’ve worked from home since the COVID-19 pandemic began, you’ve quickly become quite familiar with the video communications software. The easy to use and simple interface Zoom offers, quickly became a work... Read More

How an Edge Ambassador Helps you Hire More Producers at your Agency

How do so many large companies get external support for their office tasks and still have the ability to continue hiring people? The truth is, getting the extra help for your tasks comes with a multitude of benefits. It all... Read More

Calendly: The Best Free Meeting Scheduler For Insurance Agencies

Scheduling appointments and meetings is one of the most common tasks at insurance agencies. Whether you’re meeting with a client, prospect, or a co-worker, making that process more efficient is a great way to save time. While there’s a multitude... Read More

How an Edge Ambassador Can Take your Customer Support Center to the Next Level

Insurance agencies have always been about interaction. The better you are at engaging with and providing your clients with support, the better your service is going to be. It’s pretty straight-forward – in today’s fast-paced technological business, customers want and... Read More

Virtual Assistants vs Edge Ambassadors: What’s the Difference?

Strapped with limited time and unforgiving budgets, modern business owners simply cannot afford to spend the time and resources required to recruit, train, and retain a full-time staff. In turn, many turn towards an off-site team to assist them with... Read More

How To Manage Remote Employees

Remote employees are no different than your regular employees, the only difference is that they aren’t in the office. Remote employees help agencies expand their talent search beyond borders – helping bring in a wider range of skilled professionals. With... Read More

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