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Why Insurance Agencies Are Shifting To Having Remote Employees Permanently

Many companies and agencies have been operating remotely for years. With technological advancements making remote work possible for employees, many wonder why the practice hasn’t been more widely applied. Now, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, having remote work adopted at a... Read More

Why Insurance Agencies Need To Focus On Training

When it comes to training your employees, many would agree that it’s never enough. With new technology constantly being introduced – rapid changes are being fueled which means it’s up to employers to stay ahead of the game.  85% of... Read More

Why Insurance Agencies Should Use LastPass For Password Security

Password security is extremely important and with insurance agencies accessing a variety of websites, applications, and internal tools to get work done, a lot of these different online avenues require passwords. Remembering a bunch of passwords is not easy to... Read More

Why The Country’s Largest Insurance Agencies Outsource Their Tasks & How Edge Is Different

As a small business, we’ve all been there – having a small team with big responsibilities, often struggling to stay ahead of tasks. As an insurance agency, slacking behind on tasks can come at a steep cost. Because the industry... Read More

How Unanswered Calls Are Costing Your Insurance Agency

Missed calls happen. If you’re like many business owners, you don’t think that missed business calls are a big deal. As an insurance agency, constantly attending calls can become difficult. Given today’s emphasis on digital communication, it’s easy to think... Read More

Why Insurance Agencies Need Google Reviews To Boost Business

There’s no doubt that customers use product and service reviews to determine any purchase decisions they are going to make. As far as online reviews are concerned, Google takes the lead. One quick search for your agency and Google pulls... Read More

How Microsoft Teams is a Power House for Insurance Agency Collaboration. Instant Video, Chat, Voice Call & More!

For many insurance agencies, choosing a collaboration platform can be a new challenge. Since the industry is more traditional as compared to more digitally advanced industries, it can be challenging to navigate what app would best suit your agency. We... Read More

Edge Insights: Building Relationships Is The Future of Insurance Agencies

We hear the term customer relationship management thrown around all the time. At its core, prioritizing managing relationships should be your approach to all interactions with current and potential clients. Relationships are essentially the way in which two or more... Read More

How Edge Is Changing The Game For Insurance Agencies

If you own an insurance agency, you probably know how hard it is to find reliable employees to do the busywork. Finding good staff often requires investing your time and energy into training which takes away from other important tasks.... Read More

How to Ensure Security & Productivity Through Remote Work

Since the coronavirus pandemic spread across the entire globe, many insurance agencies have had to take quick actions to shift their workforce to a remote working environment.  The sudden shift has forced many agencies – many with little-to-no previous remote... Read More

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