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ePayPolicy: The Digital Payment System Built For Small To Medium Insurance Agencies

How would you like to take checks and credit cards in one system, designed specifically for insurance agencies? When people discuss the future of payments they tend to predict the end of cash. In the past few years, we’ve seen... Read More

Edge Insights: How Bridge Lets Insurance Agencies Call, Text, Fax, Chat & Get E-Signatures from One System

Imagine being able to use all the communication tools that insurance agencies depend on from one system, one computer, and from anywhere in the world? There is a clear shift in many agencies adopting multi-channel approaches to help engage with... Read More

Case Study: How Edge Helped Provence Inc. Increase Revenue by $100k+

Overview Born from an insurance agency for insurance agencies, Edge has pocketed over a decade of Insurance experience. We exclusively focus on insurance agencies and firms. Our service is centered around providing agencies with a fully trained, remote employee, to... Read More

Edge Insights: Insurance Agencies are Obsessed With Slack’s Free Features

As COVID-19 continues to hamper usual work-life balance with many insurance agencies now working in silos from the comfort of their beds, many are scrambling to adopt the best possible approach and tools to improve productivity and engagement. But we... Read More

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