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Why Insurance Agencies Need To Stop Automating Customer Service

While the world is moving more towards automation, businesses still rely on humans for customer service– and for good reason. While it’s convenient for businesses to set up automated menus and answering machines to deal with customers’ concerns, the statistics... Read More

How Edge Increased Profit Margins For An Insurance Agency

Revenue is the name of the game in any business. Higher revenue allows you to innovate and grow your business, offering customers with new, valuable solutions through your products and services. Conversely, lower revenue restricts your ability to come up... Read More

Grow Your Business Through Diversity With Edge

The 21st century has brought changes to the international business model that is used by most companies, small and big, nowadays. No longer do companies have to look in their immediate localities to create opportunities and business. Greater reliance on... Read More

How Employee Loyalty Drives Revenue For Insurance Agencies

A major problem that businesses of all sizes face these days is employee loyalty. Due to high competition, companies are able to offer employees enticing packages making it harder for them to refuse. And this is understandable. Every employee wants... Read More

How Edge Is Replacing Virtual Assistants In The Insurance Industry With Ambassadors

Traditionally, Virtual Assistants (VAs) have been the go-to employee replacement for many insurance agencies. This makes sense to a certain extent because they’re cheaper than physical employees since they are usually exempt from employee benefits. However, striving to cut costs... Read More

How to Succeed as an Independent Insurance Agency with Edge

Independent agencies naturally require more effort and time to succeed in the insurance market. They don’t have the same stability that Nationwide agents have. Once you go independent, you need to put in the extra effort in selling your product.... Read More

Why Insurance Agencies Are Opting For Remote Employees

We live in an age of information. The online world satisfies our day to day needs. When was the last time you wrote a physical letter to somebody or ordered food without using an application? All modes of interaction, conducting... Read More

Retaining Employees = Fewer Costs: Learn How Edge Does It For Your Insurance Agency

In a day of increased competition between businesses and firms, we at Edge are proud of how our employees are just as enthusiastic to be working with us. This, however, does not come easy. We’ve spent a lot of time... Read More

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