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Why Are Insurance Companies Opting For HR Tech?

One of the biggest workforce challenges that HR at insurance agencies face are recruitment difficulties. Being short-staffed or having low retainment rates can lead insurance agencies to financial distress. They simply do not have time to go through hundreds of... Read More

The Great Benefits Of Recruiting An International Team For Your Insurance Agency.

Our hyper-connected world has made it possible to hire globally and recruit the best talent for the job. With more flexible and remote work environments emerging, every expanding insurance agency is opting for international recruitment. Despite offices opening back up,... Read More

Why Does Edge Believe In International Talent?

International recruiting seemed to be reserved for major multinational firms that could afford personnel relocation logistics. However, times have changed and now small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly looking overseas for talent and investing in global mobility. Every expanding business is... Read More

How Edge Can Help Your Company Fulfill The Demand For Global Mobility

Overview Global mobility is the future of every workforce. It has never been so easily accessible as it is today since people now expect a borderless talent pool with the progress in technology.  If you want your agency to adapt... Read More

What does Meta, Facebook’s new brand mean for the future of your agency?

Overview Technology is progressing at an advanced speed at this age and as we know, time does not stop for anyone. If you want your agency to adapt to the digital future, then equipping yourself with the best talent, insight,... Read More

How To Build Your Dream Team Through Edge

Every day, it is getting tougher for recruiters to build the workforce they need for their workplace to succeed. With growing setbacks during the pandemic, such as downsizing, navigating remote work, and lockdowns – companies were faced with a completely... Read More

How Can Edge Help Your Insurance Agency To Survive The Turnover Tsunami?

Breakdown The job market in the US has been facing a lot of ups and downs since the pandemic. Covid-19 was the reason behind an economic shutdown throughout the world that triggered devastating layoffs. Contrary to spring 2020, this year... Read More

Insurance Agencies Are Losing Money On Employee Turnover

Employee turnover has the power to make or break the financial budget of your insurance agency. It could take up to $40,000 to replace just one employee at your agency. With the rising trend in employee resignations hitting every corner... Read More

The Great Power Of Phone Calls In The Insurance Industry

Covid-19 has changed the world forever! People don’t go out as much as they used to. You can order anything with a click of a button. Even the means of business have adapted to this new world of technology. People... Read More

How Edge Can Help Your Insurance Agency Adapt To The Digital Future

Times are changing and so are the means of business! If you want your agency to adapt to the digital future then outsourcing the best talent, insight, technology, and innovation is the way forward. Oftentimes when companies are unable to... Read More

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